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Made under the well - respected Fair Trade policies operated by importers Namaste, Siesta, and our own imports;  These bags, anyone who owns one, and the craftspeople themselves, benefit from them being made by craftspeople who enjoy decent working conditions and produce quality workmanship.  You should be rewarded by having an item which lasts well, looks great, has a guilt - free ambience & is a much-admired pleasure to own...


Please click on pictures for a better look.


Fair Trade Gheri cotton satchel / Shoulder bag

 colour C Satchel Fair Trade C .jpg (93729 bytes)

Great for students and makes an excellent everyday bag too!
Excellent design.


Has 4 compartments,
Largest takes A4 files & books, 32cm x 30cm x 8cm, secured by a button up flap
29cm x 21cm, secured by same flap
21cm x 26cm zip pocket
12cm x 12cm pocket secured by its own button up flap
The bottons used are the nice wooden toggles
Price 12.95
We now hold stock of satchels in  the colourways  B, C , D, E  (all except A)

Colourway E (rainbow) Satchel Fair Trade rainbow E.jpg (83098 bytes)   

Colour B & swatches A-E   satchel 4125 cropd 9205 range.jpg (19351 bytes)  

can be colour coordinated with the Executive bags and camera cases below...


*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *


 Executive Bag, ideal for the laptop & much more!

Blackexecutive Tibetan bag 9207 7150 crprsz.jpg (12260 bytes),     colour A  Executive Tibetan bag Fair Trade colour A text in.jpg (100917 bytes),    colour B and Black Executive Tibetan bag Fair Trade black and colour B.jpg (100429 bytes)

colour C exec bag colour C.jpg (126700 bytes)  exec bag shoulder strap mode.jpg (72914 bytes),

Pattern D and swatches A-E  executive bag 7150 crpd 9206 range.jpg (21622 bytes),   colour E (rainbow) laptopbag  rainbow.jpg (67196 bytes)   rainbow executive bag.jpg (120291 bytes)  


These bags are great for executives, writers... on the move, students, business people...
Available in black Tibetan wool, or a selection of Gheri * (*also known as 'dhurry') cotton designs
Designed to hold laptops and other essentials in an orderly & stylish manner
Lots of features...
Main compartment measures 15" inches / 48cm long, by 1 foot / 30cm (max) high
A zip around the bottom simply & cleverly allows the width of  the main compartment to expand from its neat 3" inches / 8cm, up to 5" inches / 13cm.
 an A4 zip compartment is housed in the outer flap
The outer flap secures over 6 very sensibly designed compartments;
2x    5" by 5" inch pockets one of which has zip
1x   zip secured 8cm by 18cm pocket
2x pen holders (each holds up to 3 pens)
1x   mobile phone compartment

All in all, an excellent design!        Your own mobile office!
they have the added benefit too, of supporting Fair Trade ethics

Price only 23.20
We hold stock of Executive bags in the black & colourways A, B, C, D, and E (rainbow).

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *
executive bag satchel and purse colour swatch.jpg (18461 bytes)  the executive bags and satchels above can be colour coordinated with  the purses below, to create matching sets ...


ipod camera holder rsz fair trade.jpg (110888 bytes) Soft padded purse case for I pod, MP3 player, camera, phone


Just the ticket.  The main compartment measures 5" inches / 13cm long by 4" inches/10cm (max) high.
A digital camera such as our Kodac Easyshare CX7525 (11cm x 7cm x 4cm) fits perfectly inside
There is also an outer zip pocket into which most mobile phones would fit
Has a loop for belt or bag
only 4.50 each

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *

Gheri Purse with Mirrors 0165 cropd twice.jpg (24790 bytes)  Gheri Purse with Mirrors

Measures approx 12cm by 8cm
has convenient loop fitted - can be worn on belt
ideal for coins, cards & keys
please let us know if you have a colour preference (they are available in the same A-E  colourways as the bags above), or we'll choose one for you
Price 2.40 each


 *       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *


fairtrade_DJ_bag_torquoise_pink_4375.jpg (110831 bytes)  pink and purple DJ bag with 15 vinyl albums instde.jpg (98290 bytes) pink purple DJ bag emptyempty.jpg (93491 bytes) Large 'DJ' Bag with tassles
in Pink & Blue, or puple & pink, stripes


As the name suggests, can hold several 12" vinyl records (the middle photo has 15 such albums in and could hold more)
main compartment is 12"  by 13" by 5.5" inches  (30cm x 33cm x 14cm)
inner zip compartment 19cm by 22cm
good, adjustable 4cm wide shoulder strap
flap closure is secured by velcro
2 pink & blue (pictured left), and one pink & purple (pictured centre with LP's inside, and right empty), and one blue & purple (not pictured) in stock,
when they're gone they're gone!
Price is 22.00 each

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *


Rainbow stripe Cotton dhurry bags & purses from Namaste

The matching rainbow stripe range dhurry cotton bags are made in a durable, hardwearing cotton
Attractive, stylish and functional 
  With an attractive rainbow stripe pattern throughout. 
Brand New In Packet and Brand New With Tags

  Rainbow dhurry sml shoulder bag Fair Tradecopsz 120dpi.jpg (162719 bytes)    Rainbow stripe Medium shoulder bag 23 x 26cm.     

 Dimensions approx  9"  x 10" inch, or 23cm x 26cm main body. 
features 2 compartments, both covered by flap, one of which has zip fastening 
2  off our ebayshop Retail Price of 10.95 
10.95       Our special Price  now  only  8.95


 *        *        * 

 100_1626 crops 139dpi.jpg (146594 bytes) Rainbow stripe Passport purse / side bag 13 x 18cm.

This side bag / small shoulder bag is ideal for travel documents, passport, tickets, banking, keys,  mobile, smokes, and life's little essentials...
Dimensions approx 7 inch by 5 inch (17cm x 12.5cm) main body. Strap is 3cm wide and variable length. There is a 12 inch / 30cm ruler in the picture to assist.  Price 6.95

*        *        * 

009nampurse156dpi croprsz.jpg (235369 bytes)  Rainbow stripe Zip purse 

approx 10 x 10cm
 Single zip-secured compartment. 
A handy size for cards & cash. 2.95 each

*        *        * 

  rainbow wallets.jpg (93753 bytes) Fair Trade rainbow stripe wallet

measures 22cm x 12cm fully opened
measures 9.5cm x 12cm when folded closed on velcro closure
Features 2x banknote compartments - one of which has zip fastening
2x card compartments - one of which has zip
Price 5.95

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *

FREE TIBET shopper - made by Tibetan Refugees

FREE TIBET SHOPPERS 235.jpg (66783 bytes)

in choice of 3 designs...

FREE TIBET FLAG SHOPPER 183.jpg (61501 bytes)  FREE TIBET bag flag 228.jpg (50311 bytes)           Tibetan Flag design

Black 'FREE TIBET' print on back

FREE TIBET shopper endless knot 209.jpg (48804 bytes)        Endless Knot design

with yellow 'FREE TIBET' print on back

FREE TIBET shopper double dorje 221.jpg (47887 bytes)       Double Dorje design

with yellow 'FREE TIBET' print on back

Price 5.95 each


proceeds from the sale of these bags will be reinvested, by us, in Tibetan Refugee Fair Trade projects

These great cotton canvas shoppers:-...

... show your support for a  Free Tibet .
... are Printed on both sides  - Free Tibet slogan on one side, the design (Tibetan flag, endless knot, double dorje) on the other.
... measure 39cm (15.25" inches) deep x 37cm (14.5cm) wide.
... are produced by the Tibetan refugee community in India, who have established community self- help projects which benefit from sales of these bags.
... fold away tidily, but carry a good amount of shopping*
 *those with an inquisitive nature would be glad to know the bags photographed by the door are each holding a (1) 750g box of porridge oats, (2) a large (800g sandwich) loaf of bread, (3) 3 large grapefruits, (4) an 11" inch cucumber, and a (5) box of half a dozen eggs, and there's still room for a few pounds of tomatoes on top! - and yes, they are (1) organic, (2) micro - bakery,  (3) er, large,  (4) grown in UK, and (5) free range)

see our  Tibetan Refugees' produce  page for more goods sold in aid of Tibetan refugees


*    *    *    *    *

3 pocket purses rszd.jpg (190691 bytes)  3 pocket purse blues.jpg (173722 bytes)  3 pocket purse gold open.jpg (177760 bytes)  3 pocket purse gold.jpg (170801 bytes)  3 pocket small Tibetan shoulder bag with adjustable shoulder strap
Fair Trade Passport Camera Phone Purse


Featuring choice of Bhutanese woven pattern in choice of 2 colours
Neat & compact.  Ideal for travel
Will carry Passport, and mobile phone, and cash purse and small camera all together
There is one main compartment, which measures approx 13cm / 5 inches deep by 10cm ./ 4" inches wide, secured by velcro - fastened flapover
Plus,  there are two zip - secured pockets, on within the flapover - covered section, one on the outside
Adjustable strap allows the bag to be worn on the hip, over one shoulder or across the body
Price only 5.95 each


*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *


passport purse Nepal.jpg (68368 bytes)   Nepal passport purse.jpg (55672 bytes)  Passport purse from Nepal

Good, Strong quality cotton from a Craftspeople's cooperative in Kathmandu
thin & unobtrusive strap is approx 115cm long and easy to shorten
Main compartment, button - secured, measures 18cm / 7inches deep x 12cm / 5" inches wide
0uter compartment measures 10cm/ 4 inches deep
Price 6.25 each

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *

patchwork passport purses resized.jpg (94359 bytes)  Patchwork denim passport purse / small shoulder bag


  Nicely made.  Single compartment measures approx 22cm / 9" inches deep by 20cm / 8" inches wide, secured by a flapover
Available in blue or purple.  Price 9.95 each

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *

Recycled silk shoulder bag 30 x 30cm.jpg (23598 bytes)  recycled silk shoulder bag.jpg (48505 bytes)   Lovely recycled silk shoulder bag by Namaste

Fair Trade recycled sari silk thread shoulder bag by Namaste
This lovely bag is made in Nepal, of recycled silk, reclaimed from the  sari production industry in India.  The results are very attractive indeed.
Attractive, stylish and functional
Main compartment measures 30cm (1ft) x 26cm (10" inches) and is closed by velcro.
There is an internal compartment 13cm x 14cm (6" inches) which has a zip fastening
 We also stock matching hats, scarves, fingerless gloves, and tops in this beautiful material.
Each one of these is unique (2 different bags are pictured to show variations).     Price 14.95 each

shoulder bag or zip purse

PUN600 0200.jpg (291658 bytes)   Recycled sari silk purse with felt flower.  zZP701170.jpg (42192 bytes)

Hand made in the Himalayas by skilled craftspeople
.Measures 11cm by 12cm, is lined and has a zip fastening.... Plenty of room for cards, cash, perhaps a few keys and a lipstick too...
You should find this purse to be worthy of the admiration it receives
Please note that each purse is individually hand made so will vary slightly from the picture. To be fair, though, I trust you'll agree that for once this is an item that looks better in real life than in the photo!    Price 5.95 each


*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *

namaste patchwork bag crprsz.jpg (98036 bytes) SB81.jpg (24645 bytes) Patchwork bag with bells from Namaste

Single compartment measures 28cm / 11" inches with drawstring
internal zip pocket for valuables measures 15cm across by 18cm deep
Price 9.95

see our dresses & skirts page for ...

 Cotton_patchwork_skirt_S_M_L.jpg (36556 bytes)  Patchwork bag available with matching skirt  

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *

004crprsz147dpi pink and purp.jpg (164610 bytes)  Funky felt shoulder bag with bobbles in pink or purple

Made in Nepal, from Fair trade supplier Gringo.
Available in purple or pink 
Zip fastening.  Bag measures 10" (25cm) deep and 11" (28cm) across at widest point
Nicely detailed - even down to the bobble on the zip.  Price 15.95 each

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *

Cotton embroidered shoulder bag 30 by35cm.jpg (24570 bytes)  Lovely Cotton shoulder bag  with tassels, embroidery, beads & mirrors

Unique and stunningly beautiful.
Single main compartment approx 32cm x 35cm with 2 tie - strings. Single, wide strap is 4cm wide and decorated along its full length
Both sides (front & back) of the bag are lovingly decorated
Decoration features hand - crafted embroidery, with beads and mirror sequins. A craft Tradition from Rajastan, India, whose people are justly proud of this workmanship.  Price 18


*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *


131_2464_2 (1).jpg (29309 bytes)  Black Velvet passport purse with pentacle

Slim Profile velvet passport bag with cotton shoulder strap
Single compartment secured by zip at top
embroidered with pentacle motif
Approx: 16cm 20cm
Price 4.80

 *        *        *        *        *       *   

pouch_rszd020 - Copy.jpg (95024 bytes) 130_2311_4284.jpg (28226 bytes) Black velvet draw-string charm pouch with pentacle

Simple draws string black velvet pouch purse, lined
ideal for various ingredients, coins, charms....
Features embroidered pentacle
Measures approx 11cm x 10cm
Price only 2.80

*        *        *        *        *       *   


 9147 Medium rainbow crochet Bagrp10.jpg (87935 bytes) Fair Trade Rainbow pattern crochet cotton shoulder bag with beaded tassles.  Large size & Medium size


Lined compartment, secured by a zip which is covered by a flap.
Large size;-  Measures approx 12.5" inches by 11" inches, or 32cm x 29cm main body. Strap is approx 3cm / 1.25" inch wide and approx 105 to 110cm in length  Price 15.00
Medium size;- Measures approx 10.5" inches by 9" inches, or 26cm x 22cm main body. Strap is approx 1 inch wide and approx 105 to 110cm in length    Price 12.00

*   *   *

 20cm Rianbow crocheted Passport Bagsiesta rp5.jpg (80078 bytes) Fair Trade Rainbow pattern crochet cotton small shoulder bag / passport purse with beaded tassles. 

Use button above to add to cart
Attractive, stylish and functional
Lined compartment, secured by a zip which is covered by a flap.
Measures approx 7" inches by 6" inches, or 18cm x 15cm main body. Strap is approx 1 inch wide and approx 105 to 110cm in length.    Price 6.90



*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *


patchwork passport purses resized.jpg (94359 bytes)  Patchwork denim passport purse / small shoulder bag


  Nicely made.  Single compartment measures approx 22cm / 9" inches deep by 20cm / 8" inches wide, secured by a flapover
Available in blue or purple.  Price 9.95 each

*    *    *    *    *     *     *     *    *    *    *    *

Black Free Tibet passport purse front and back.jpg (53268 bytes)   Black Free Tibet passport purse.jpg (76684 bytes)   Black Free Tibet passport purse with Tibetan Endless Knot Design

Smart... Great for travel!  Important documents can be carried securely yet close to hand

This great little side bag / passport purse has 3 pockets, all of which are secured by a zip
2 of the pockets are at the front, one is discreetly tucked away at the back, with the zip hidden under a flap
Bag measures 22cm x 16cm (9" x 6.25" inches)
Can easily hold passport, tickets , boarding pass in one compartment.... purse, handy-size camera, phone in another.... and have another compartment free for your other travel essentials!
All proceeds from the sale of these bags will be reinvested in trading with Tibetan Refugee Fair Trade project
Price only 6.95

*     *     *     *     *

  medicine pouches mix.jpg (183648 bytes)  1922_Medicine_Pouch_reverse.jpg (42185 bytes)  1352_large_image_1921_Medicine_Pouch.jpg (29715 bytes)  Indian Medicine Bag, pouch on necklace cord

from BAFTS Fair Trade suppliers.  Suede pouch Shaman's purse with feather
Many people buy these just for the small suede necklace pouch!


Pouch is typically approx 3" inches / 8cm deep, by 2.5" inches / 6.5cm across when flat and can be worn round the neck like a necklace using the wax cotton cord
Available in a choice of colours (from clockwise, top left in main (group) pic....
Black, Cerise Pink, Dark Chocolate Brown, Tan Brown, Emerald Green, Buff, Blue.

The pouch contains many items symbolic for the Medicine Man's Magic
Many items are included but you could always add your own...

Native seeds are usually added by the customers.  We dont always send them on overseas orders because of Import / Export rules on seeds. 

An informative tag (supplied) states;

"The American Indian medicine bag was always carried by the medicine man. The Medicine Man was the next most important member of the tribe after the chief, he was responsible for the healing of the sick and injured, predicting the future and driving away evil spirits.

Each of the contents of the bag has a specific purpose and their meaning is symbolised by the charm. The cloth was used as a symbol of healing, the stones characterize strength-the type of stone selected was based on both the type of the illness and the position of the member within the tribe, the turquoise blue is the traditional stone of the indian. the stick was used to drive away the evil spirits, the seeds symbolize the seeds of life and were used for fertility, growth and longevity.  The feather is the symbol of free spirit.

With the right mix, the medicine man could not only achieve miraculous healing, but could also bring about an important balance and harmony in life.

Try selecting the right mix to bring a balance to your life.  Other charms may be added to achieve the ultimate harmony"

Price 3.45 for 1    
See (above) how the prices drop with quantity!

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *