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Buddhist Cultural and Religious items


Rosewood Mallah beads.jpg (88211 bytes)  rosewood_malla.jpg (34804 bytes)  Rosewood Mallah / Buddhist rosary / prayer beads, 108 bead  necklace.  Also available nicely boxed

An attractive and intriguing item, this prayer necklace is handcrafted by in India by Tibetan Buddhists and imported into the UK by a BAFTS - recognised Fair Trade importer.

These necklaces are the ones Buddhist people carry round the Temple, chanting ohmmanipedmaehoum on each bead.
One finds 108 beads (a very auspicious number in Buddhism) on a Mallah necklace. According to ancient teachings there are 108 invisible threads from each person to the divine.
Chanting a mantra 108 times awakens these threads and aids meditation

Each one is packed with a descriptive card. 
. They are, of course, continuous and fit over the head when worn. Approx 30" inches / 76cm around. Each item is individually hand - crafted so there may be slight size variations.
Beads are approx 8mm diameter andmade of Rosewood, - a nice, dark, reddish brown wood.
They are comfortable and pleasant to wear on neck or wrist, draped around an altar and / or for meditation.  
In choice of red or saffron yellow tassles.  Price 4.80

tassle colour & with or without box

Rosewood Mallah beads also available in Lokta paper box  042copsz175dpi.jpg (200644 bytes)   Boxed Mallah.jpg (34203 bytes)

Each one is nicely boxed with a descriptive label
choice of saffron yellow, or red tassles
Box measures approx 6" inches by 3" inches by 1.25" inches.
  Price 5.95

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *      *     *     *

sandal mala rszd.jpg (99030 bytes)  samdalwood_Mallah_saffron_yellow_tassles.jpg (123819 bytes)  Genuine sandalwood Japa mala, 108 - bead necklace

tassle colour

An attractive and unique item, this prayer necklace is handcrafted by in India by Tibetan refugees and imported into the UK by Global Citizen Fairtrading

Enjoy the scent and feel of real sandalwood with your Mala beads

They are of course, brand new, unused, unworn.

Each bead is made of real sandalwood (we also sell the cheap imitations, separately and cheaper, below) and is approx 8mm diameter
The necklace is continuous and fits over the head when worn. Approx 25" inches / 64cm around. Each item is individually hand - crafted so there may be slight size variations.
With red or yellow tassles, (red are pictured).
Genuine Sandal Mala Price 12.95
Genuine Sandal Mala  is currently out of stock.  Any orders placed & paid for this will be honoured at the current price of 12.95.  When we do have new stock the price will be higher

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *      *     *     *

Copy sandal mala.jpg (150860 bytes)  "Copy sandal" Mala 108 plain wood bead necklace

With red tassles, as pictured
currently out of stock

. They are continuous and fit over the head when worn. Approx 27" inches / 69cm around. Beads are approx 8mm diameter.

Each item is individually hand - crafted so there may be slight size variations.

Please note - these "copy sandal" malas beads are lightly scented and made of a simple, plain wood - very similar to sandalwood in colour, with added scent which is not as enduring as the genuine sandalwood. P  We do sell genuine sandalwood malas , they are the next item above,  at a suitably higher price.
"Copy" sandal mala price 4.80
"Copy sandal" Mala  is currently out of stock.  Any orders placed & paid for this will be honoured at the current price of 4.80.  When we do have new stock the price will be higher

   *     *     *     *     *   


 skull mala rszd.jpg (155944 bytes) 008 - Copyrszd.jpg (87615 bytes) 108 skull beads carved from bone, in a Mala necklace

These necklaces are more usually associated with Tibetan Buddhist & Shamanistic rituals. They can also be used for powerful Sympathetic, protective Magick.
Effective whether chanting ohmmanipedmaehoum or focussing intention, on each bead.
They are, of course, continuous and fit over the head when worn.
A unique item, this prayer necklace is handcrafted by Tibetan community groups in India and imported into the UK by Global Citizen Fairtrading 

The beads are approx 12mm by 6-7mm each

  Price 15

(see matching bracelet, below)

*    *    *


bone skull mala bracelet.jpg (87764 bytes) skull mala bracelet.jpg (67006 bytes) bone skulls bracelet - 72dpi.jpg (113699 bytes) Hand carved Bone skull Mala beads bracelet

An attractive and unique item, this prayer amazing bracelet is handcrafted by in India by Tibetan Buddhists refugee community groups and imported into the UK by Global Citizen Fairtrading

They are continuous and stretchy, they fit around just about all wrists  Each item is individually hand - crafted so there may be slight variations from the picture. The 14 + 1  beads are made of bone and nicely hand-carved into skulls

skulls have a long tradition as symbols of protection, and these bracelets are said to offer protection to the wearer

With reddish or reddish - brown tassles, as pictured

Price 4.20 each

(matching necklace also available - see our Necklaces, Tibetan Refugees' Produce pages or above)


As those of you with a fondness for such things will know, there is quite a spiritual element to that which is truly Tibetan, which is tangible to behold and here to enjoy!  You may like to also visit our Tibetan Refugees' Produce page



*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *      *     *     *

Genuine Rudraksha seed Mala Yogic Meditation / Prayer bead Necklace

4 sizes 108 5-8mm Prayer beads with knots 

from No 1 size (5-6mm) to No 2.5 size (approx 8mm). The smaller ones are the more powerful.  Particularly Popular with  Hindus

Rudrashka 1point0size.jpg (78617 bytes)  No. 1. size (5-6 mm) 9.25

Rudrashka 1point5.jpg (75308 bytes)  No 1.5 size (approx 6.5mm).  Price 7.90

Rudrashka_2_point_0.jpg (55097 bytes)  No. 2.0 size (approx 7mm).  Price 6.50

Rudrashka_2point5_ size.jpg (75792 bytes)  No. 2.5 size (approx 8mm).  Price 5.50

seed bead size

Genuine spiritual items - sourced from near the holy & sacred lake Pushkar
one of the oldest towns in India where pilgrims travel to bathe in the sacred waters

Can be used as an aid to meditation - reciting a mantra whilst thumbing the beads, or worn to appreciate its numerous benefits

Rudraksha beads are steeped in religious and Spiritual lore and give the wearer tranquility, peace of mind, focus and concentration - ideal for meditation or when using the mind is required.
Rudraksha is meant for everyone and should benefit all of humanity. Rudraksha is said to rejuvenate the Mind, Body and Soul, help us reach our full potential and enhance  our quality of life.
Anti aging properties are also associated with these mystical seeds

Ancient Indian and Buddhist scriptures contain countless references to the power of these beads

 *     *     *     *     *     *      *     *     *


 dpi 146 Fair Trade Mandala Meditation aid.jpg (203619 bytes)   The magickal, mystical, hand held brass Mandala.    

quantity (without info)

Ancient meditation aid (or modern stress-reliever). As the header card, pictured above and available (as an optional extra for a mere 10p) with the Mandala, says...  This device was originally developed in India some 2500 years ago, to aid the early Buddhists in their meditation.  Symbolic shapes can be created, such as the Universe, the Earth, the Sun, the hourglass (time), Yin and Yang (the opposites), the Sky, the Creation, the Explosion, the Void, the Tunnel (the travel of time), the Egg (rebirth)...  You may well find your own symbols & interpretations, as you coax your mandala through its endless changes of shape. Many find that use of a mandala can help focus the mind, aid concentration and relieve stress.

These are very pleasant to just play around with.  Creative types especially love them!

These Mandalas are the sturdiest and best - made that we have come across.  They are imported direct from the family in India who make them, by Global Citizen Fairtrading.
Price is for one mandala.  There are 4 in the picture to indicate just 4 of its many shape variations.
Price 3.50 for 1 'loose' (3.60 with info)  Buy 3 for 10.00 /(10.20 with info)   
See (above) how the prices drop with quantity!

click here to see mandala header card  Please buy info sheets seperately, below, if required 

info sheet quantity


*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *


Rangzen bracelets.jpg (191112 bytes)  Rangzen, or Tibetan Freedom bracelet

Handmade in India by Tibetan Nuns.    Comes with descriptive leaflet.
The Rangzen, or  Freedom,Bracelet was first made by Tibetan political prisoners near Lhasa, Tibet. These bracelets were originally woven from white and black yak hair, or whatever threads were available in the prisons. Today these bracelets are worn as an expression of endurance and defiance against the oppression from the Chinese occupying forces and to spread awareness of the Tibetans' plight.
The '9 eyes' pattern is based on the slingshots which Tibetan shepherds and nomads used to protect their flocks.  Thus the slingshot came to symbolize the conquering power of good over evil and as a great protective force.
Please wear it to show support for freedom and human rights in Tibet

Various colours (eg, black & white, yellow & black, torquoise & white, torquoise & black, torquoise & pink, red & green, red & white...)
Please state your preference or we will choose for you.  Price 2.50 each.  Buy 4 get 1 free!  

All proceeds will be reinvested in trading with Tibetan Refugee Community groups

  *    *    *     *     *     *    *    *    *


  003phurbacropresiz.jpg (72003 bytes)  Phurba Pendant / necklace

From Fair Trade source  Hand crafted in brass 
Approx 3cm long

pendant alone or on necklace

Highly respected Buddhist symbolic weapon, giving protection against disease and evil spirits
In Tibetan Buddhism, the Phurba is a special triple sided Tibetan ritual dagger or stake, patterned after an ancient Vedic tool which originated as a stake that tethered sacrifical animals. It is used ritually to create stability and areas of protected space, often staked into the ground in circles prior to rituals
Ready to be hung from a charm bracelet or piece of cord.
Can be supplied on wax cotton adjustable necklace cord for an extra 1.25
Price 2.95 alone or 4.20 on adjustable wax cotton necklace cord

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *      *     *     *


Tibetan prayer flags 2 sizes.jpg (72419 bytes)   Tibetan Prayer Flags - strings of 10 flags
Buddhist Prayers printed on cotton.  From Dharamshala, India

Nicely weather resistant 
Buddhist prayers are printed on these flags, which they carry to the Spirits - hence they are also known as Wind Horses


small Tibetan prayer Flags rsz.jpg (71195 bytes)  tibetan prayer flag small zoomed in.JPG (55769 bytes) small - string of 10 flags (each flag = 9cm high x 8cm wide) 
String length =  approx 50" inches / 130cm  ideal for above doorways
Price 3.50 per string of 10 flags

Tibetan prayer flags rszd 20cm161.jpg (104836 bytes)  tibetan prayer flag 20cm zoomed in.JPG (72898 bytes) 'medium' -  string of 10 flags (each flag = 20cm high x 15cm wide)       String length =  approx 75" inches / 190cm
Price 4.25 per string of 10 flags

Prayer Flags flying in Dharamsala.jpg (55320 bytes)   .... Prayer Flags flying at a Tibetan Himalayan home in Mcleod Ganj, Dharamsala, India


 *     *     *     *     *     *      *     *     *


last cropped surya100_0986.jpg (245566 bytes)   Surya sun pendant / necklace

pendant alone or on necklace

Made in a craftspeople's cooperative in Nepal and imported to the UK by Global Citizen Fairtrading
The Sun pendant made of brass & approx 5.5cm max diameter.  A long Leather thong is supplied and if you would prefer the stronger wax cotton instead please let us know
The face of Surya has an enlightened expression and seems to embody the compatability of compassion, enlightenment and strength. 
More on Surya, from the Encyclopedia Mythica:
  In India, he corresponds to the Greek Helios - he is the special god who dwelt in the body of the sun. He is also the guardian of the south-west quadrant, His father is the sky god, Dyaush or Indra. One myth tells how he arose from the eye of the world-giant, Purusa. Surya has golden hair and golden arms. He drives in a chariot drawn by a team of 4 or 7 horses.
Price 2.95 each pendant alone
Price 3.95 each pendant on long leather thong necklace
Price 4.20 each pendant on adjustable wax cotton thong cord necklace

 *     *     *     *     *     *      *     *     *

FREE TIBET shopper - made by Tibetan Refugees,
featuring Buddhist symbols

FREE TIBET SHOPPERS 235.jpg (66783 bytes)

in choice of 3 designs...

FREE TIBET FLAG SHOPPER 183.jpg (61501 bytes)  FREE TIBET bag flag 228.jpg (50311 bytes)           Tibetan Flag design

Black 'FREE TIBET' print on back
*   *   *

FREE TIBET shopper endless knot 209.jpg (48804 bytes)        Endless Knot design

with yellow 'FREE TIBET' print on back
*   *   *

FREE TIBET shopper double dorje 221.jpg (47887 bytes)       Double Dorje design

with yellow 'FREE TIBET' print on back
*   *   *

ALL proceeds from the sale of these bags will be reinvested, by us, in Tibetan Refugee Fair Trade projects


These great cotton canvas shoppers:-...

... show your support for a  Free Tibet .
... are Printed on both sides  - Free Tibet slogan on one side, the design (Tibetan flag, endless knot, double dorje) on the other.
... measure 39cm (15.25" inches) deep x 37cm (14.5cm) wide.
... are produced by the Tibetan refugee community in India, who have established community self- help projects which benefit from sales of these bags.
... fold away tidily, but carry a good amount of shopping*
 *those with an inquisitive nature would be glad to know the bags photographed by the door are each holding a (1) 750g box of porridge oats, (2) a large (800g sandwich) loaf of bread, (3) 3 large grapefruits, (4) an 11" inch cucumber, and a (5) box of half a dozen eggs, and there's still room for a few pounds of tomatoes on top! - (and yes, they are (1) organic, (2) micro - bakery,  (3) er, large,  (4) grown in UK, and (5) free range)

Price 5.95 each

we have a great range of other bags on our Bags, Wallets, Purses page

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *      *     *     *


4092 metal buddha v2_1.jpg (60593 bytes)  4091 metal buddha 5cm v2_1.jpg (70014 bytes)  Ganesh statue - Copy.jpg (24063 bytes)  3cm Brass statue of Buddha or Ganesh
with incense stick holder


Approx 3cm tall
These brass statues have a little intergral loop at the back into which incense sticks can be inserted and burnt, at approx 20g each there is sufficient weight to anchor even quite large incense sticks
The design and shading will vary from the photo.  Being all brass they can be polished shiny all over
Price 3.25 each

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *      *     *     *


  String of 5 Prayer Flags 

Each flag is approx. 20cm   Price 4.25 (each string of 5 flags)

5 flags or 25 flags

  String of 25 Prayer Flags -

Each flag is approx 25cm.  Price 9.00 (each string of 25 flags)

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *      *     *     *


19_234_3196.jpg (57896 bytes)  Buddha mask.jpg (59077 bytes) Buddha Mask, Borobodor style

A beautifully carved and finished mask
Has a strong thread loop at back so it can be hung easily on a wall
Will also stand on a shelf, leaning onto wall
Measures approx 11" inches / 26cm high at highest,  16cm at widest
Price 15.00


*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *      *     *     *

Buddhist and Hindu Nepal book.jpg (12572 bytes)  Short Description of Gods, Goddesses and Ritual Objects of Buddhism and Hinduism in Nepal, Book 

This book by J.B. Sakya reveals the meanings and stories of the gods, goddesses and ritual objects of Buddhism and Hinduism in Nepal. Paperback, 76 pages.  Well illustrated, with lots of pictures.
Price 6.95 per copy

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *      *     *     *

Tibetan Mandala Pendants

Beautifully made - adorned with finely crafted filigree and red & torquoise semiprecious stone beads.  Limited stock.  Pendants will go on most chains or can be supplied with a wax cotton adjustable thong for an extra 1.95 (from the add to cart button below the pictures).  Usually worn as necklaces, may also act as a large charm or fit in with your own creations.  types 3 and 4 are more dome - shaped


001 - Copy.JPG (94278 bytes)  Style 1, measures 35mm diameter & approx 8mm deep.  Price 4.95

006 - Copy.JPG (94815 bytes)  Style  2  ONLY ONE IN STOCK measures 37mm diameter & approx 11mm deep.  Price 5.90

012 - Copy.JPG (56721 bytes)  Style  3  Ohm design centred within 4 triangles.  Measures 3cm diameter & approx 10mm deep.  Price 5.95

 025 - Copy.JPG (73696 bytes)   026 - Copy.JPG (70733 bytes)  Style  4  Ohm design amid filigree.  Measures 3cm diameter & approx 9mm deep.  Price 6.00


add your wax cotton adjustable necklace thong here at 1.95 each, if desired


*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *      *     *     *

 tasi.jpg (50136 bytes) tasi tagge.jpg (45958 bytes) tas.jpg (43125 bytes)   Tibetan incense sticks.  Tasi Tagge.  Zimpua.  Big, yellow packet

Number of packets

You get a good amount of quality incense for your money here too.  Each pack (app. 100g) contains 44 sticks, which are larger than most at 30cm long x 4 to 5mm diameter (continuous, as opposed to taper-ended).  To quote the packet, this is 'Handmade in the Monasteries of Nepal', with further information;-  
"The preparation of Zimpua (ritual incense) is one of the traditional arts of Tibet.  This incense is composed of 35 different spices and aromatic substances of which nagi, saffron, red and white sandalwood, form a part.  The excellence of Zimpua, however, is not merely in the purity of its ingredients, but in the manner of its formulation as well.  it is prepared with great care and in accordance with the traditions preserved through the centuries within the monastic orders of Tibet."

Here is a nice message we received about these incense sticks, from a customer on 14th October, 2013..... "Thank you so much, the order arrived safely and i have been enjoying the sticks enormously, they are my favourite incense sticks and i will definitely be buying from you again!
Many thanks "

Only 3.20 per packet,  6 packs @ 16.60  12 packs 28.80

   *        *      *       *  

We have more!     See a good selection of incense on our incense & burners page

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