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mirror mosiac box.jpg (64432 bytes)  mirror mosaiac.jpg (45728 bytes)  Small Mirror Mosaic Wooden Box

Small, beautifully - crafted wooden box.
Brass hinge and pin ensure smooth opening and positive closing
Measures  2" inches (5.2cm) square and 3.5cm high.  Price 5.95


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  heart shaped wooden box FairTrade.jpg (7530 bytes)  Heart shaped mixed wood box

Using four different woods this box measures approx 10cm at longest, slightly under 10cm across, and 6.5cm high
The skill of the craftsman is reflected in the beauty of this item.    Price 8.95

There are also carved tortoises in this mixed wood range on our Wood Carvings page

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secret box 083 open rszd 88dpi.jpg (85529 bytes)  Beautifully crafted Secret lock, key-less boxes
An excellent gift - for ladies or gentlemen!

Very well made by by Aspiration in India, these boxes can only be opened by those who know the secret (an easily-removed sticker explains how).  The hinges and lock fittings are both in brass.  Hinges are discretely positioned at the back, and the lock fittings are internal and out of sight
New stock just arrived - Our secret boxes are in stock and ready for immediate despatch
These high quality boxes are lovingly made and beautifully finished.  The wood used is sustainably-sourced sheesham wood from India.
Shesham wood is part of the rosewood family. It is durable and fast-growing, reaching maturity in 15-20 years (compared to 80-90 years for hardwoods like teak, and 7-10 years for soft woods).
These make excellent gifts for men or women.  The natural but simple beauty of the wood shines through.  They are great for keeping valuable little bits and bobs safely and tidily out of the way
The rich grain of the wood will always vary from one box to the next, so no two boxes will be exactly the same.  This uniqueness enhances the beauty of each piece.



box 082 rszd 80dpi.jpg (124246 bytes)  box 082 rsz90dpi.jpg (101467 bytes)  box 082 rsz.jpg (97651 bytes)  ASP082 secret log box 15 x 10 x 6.5cm.jpg (7297 bytes)  Small (code (082) Box with secret lock

Brass inlay with flowers & hearts design on lid
This is the smallest of our secret log boxes
External measurements 15cm x 10cm x6.25cm 
Internal measurements of secure storage area 12.5cm x 7.5cm x 4.2cm
Weighs approx 400g
  Price 18.95

*  *  *

BOXsecretLock084rszd.jpg (107617 bytes)  secret box 084rszd.jpg (92999 bytes)   BOXsecret084rszd.jpg (99726 bytes)  box084rszd.jpg (91224 bytes)  ASP084.jpg (10907 bytes)   Square (code 084) secret lock box 

Attractive secret lock box 
with carved round floral motif and jali border on the lid
'Jali' style features small holes going right through the wood
Size: 17cm x 17cm x 7cm
Internal measurements: 12.5cm x 12.3cm x 4.5cm
Price 24.00

*  *  *

  secret box 1211rszd.jpg (77640 bytes)  secret box 1211 open rszd.jpg (94506 bytes)  secret box 1211rszdpic.jpg (114244 bytes)  secret box 1211 detail rszd.jpg (100827 bytes)  ASP1211.jpg (31526 bytes)  
Long (code 1211) wood carved secret lock box

Size: 27cm x 11.5cm x 6.5cm
Internal measurements: 226x73x40mm
Price 24.00

*  *  *

Secret_box_ASP083_22x14cm_8133.jpg (147784 bytes)  ASP083.jpg (6871 bytes)  secret box 083 open rszd 88dpi.jpg (85529 bytes)  Medium (code 083) Box with secret lock 

3 flowers design carved on lid.  Price 24.00

*  *  *

box 002 77dpi.jpg (96288 bytes)  box 002 75ish.jpg (82161 bytes)  bOX 002 98dpi.jpg (112297 bytes)  box 002 85dpi.jpg (94391 bytes)  box 002 72ish.jpg (85172 bytes)  ASP002 by Aspiration in India. Size 22 x 14 x 6.5cm.jpg (22093 bytes)
Medium (code 002) Box with secret lock.

Bands of Floral / Leaf carving on lid and all sides.
  Velvet lined floor inside
External measurements 22cm x14cm x7cm 

Internal measurements of secure storage area 18cm x 10cm x5cm  
Weighs approx 700-720g 
Price 24.00

*  *  *

secret box 004 rszd.jpg (150761 bytes)  secret box 004 open rszd.jpg (84710 bytes)  ASP004 Box secret lock 27x19x7.jpg (24382 bytes)  box 004 secr rszd.jpg (114153 bytes)  Secret_box_ASP004_27x19x7cm_12150.jpg (190744 bytes)  
Large (code 004)  Box with secret lock. 

Carved design on lid and all sides.  Inside base is neatly velvet - lined
This is the largest of the secret boxes available
Measure  27x19x7cm       Price 29.00  currently out of stock

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SPS6_2155_12x8x6cm.jpg (21999 bytes)  Reclaimed teak box

Measures 12 x 8 x 6cm.  High quality, handsome Thai piece.  Hinged lid.  Price 8.20 each


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log boxes rszd 90.jpg (149496 bytes)    Log boxes with sliding lid

Fair Trade craftsmanship from Thailand

Excellent gifts for men, who love their rugged natural beauty, intriguing concept and excellent workmanship.
Each one is individually hand-crafted and unique, so the sizes given and the photographs are approximate


BS7 Small log box, 8 x 6 x 5cm.jpg (10734 bytes)  log boxes rszd 90.jpg (149496 bytes)  Small log box, as pictured 7 x 6 x 5cm  Price 4.95 each

BS8 Medium log box, 14 x 11 x 8cm 2197.jpg (9737 bytes)  Medium log box, 13 x 10 x 7cm  8.95 each

  Large log box, 17 x 15 x 7cm  12.50 each

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3 box set.jpg (67865 bytes)  Set of 3 matching wooden boxes

Fit one inside the other - for easy stowage
Spiral design in ceramic on lids, which are hinged and open upwards
Nicely grained wood, stained quite dark
Boxes measurements in height x width x length below
10cm x 13cm x 18cm ,  8cm x 10cm x 15cm ,  5cm x 12cm x 7.5cm x 12cm
RRP 29.95  Our Price 19.95 set of three.  Only one set in stock

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *

NA0057 bone box.jpg (51046 bytes)  NA0057 bone box open.jpg (41812 bytes)  Jewellery / Trinket box made from bone

Beautifully crafted in bone
externally measures 6cm x 6cm x 4.5cm at widest & highest points
code NA-0057    Price 5.95

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Wooden incense boxes

see more incense items on our incense & burners page


  •  IH3. Wooden incense /ashcatcher /store with brass inlaid elephants.

Individually Packed. We include a FREE PACKET OF INCENSE* with each purchase of this item.
Beautifully grained wood with 4 brass inlay elephants on each side, well finished by skilled craftspeople who are properly rewarded by the BAFTS - recognised Fair Trade company who supply this.
Approx 30cm / 1 foot long x 3.5cm wide x 3cm high at lower end & 3.5cm at upper end. On top there is a hole to house the burning incense stick and a groove runs along the centre for catching the ash. The top part hinges upwards to give access to the long storage compartment within.

Price 5.90 each

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *


 fair trade elpephant burner carved box.jpg (72928 bytes)  Fancy carved wooden incense stick burner and store

This item also feature brass inlaid elephants.  Here the incense sticks or cones can be burnt inside the box, with the lid closed.  Ornate panels of holes, beautifully carved and finished, allow the smoke to drift through.
There is also a closeable & separate storage compartment at the base for incense sticks or cones
30.5cm (1 foot) long, 5.5cm wide, 6.5cm high.
comes with high quality complimentary (free) incense 

Price 10.95 each