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Kukri letter openers from Nepal

Attractive, unusual yet also functional items, these mini Kukri (knife of the highly respected and courageous Gurkhas of Nepal) are individually handcrafted by a craftpeoples' cooperative in Nepal and imported into the UK by Global Citizen Fairtrading.
The craftsmanship is very good and justifies the admiration these receive.

NB. These are too small to be combat knives.  However; Anyone purchasing these knives must be aware that knives are sharp and can be dangerous when misused; Care must be taken at all times to ensure children's and your own safety. We cannot sell these knives to anyone under the age of 18, so by purchasing you are confirming that you are aged 18 or over.
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brass dragon kukri letter opener Fair Trade 162dpi.jpg (215044 bytes) Brass kukri (Gurkha knife) letter opener with dragon design  

Ornate yet useful as a pocket knife / letter opener
  As I hope may be visible from the picture of 3 of them near a 12 inch rule, dimensions as follows; Curved sheath, 3" inches, with dragon design incision work, snugly houses a 2 and 1/4" inch long curved brass blade. The curved handle is 1" long, nicely shaped brass. Overall length of sheathed item is thus 4 inches long.  Crafted entirely from brass. 
Prices are for ONE item, not three as in picture.
Price only 4.50 each

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *     

fish knife kukri.jpg (68823 bytes)  Small Kukri penknife/Letter Opener fish shape

   Steel bade. wooden 'fish' sheath & handle.  A novel yet useful pocket knife / letter opener
As I hope may be visible from the picture of 3 of them near a 12 inch rule, dimensions as follows; curved wooden sheath (fish 'body'), 10cm, with incision fish - scale work and inlaid steel eye, snugly houses a 8cm long curved steel blade. The fish tail shaped handle is 5.5cm long and crafted from wood. Overall length of sheathed item is thus 15cm - ish long. 

Price only 5.55 each


*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *   

BS2 14cm 0142 pack10colouredpencils.jpg (18055 bytes)  BS2L - Croprszd.jpg (50421 bytes)    Set of 10 assorted coloured wooden stick / twig style colouring pencils

Hand Crafted in Thailand from tamarind twigs

These novel yet useful colored (deliberate 'typo' in an attempt to woo transatlantic search engines) pencils are a delight to use and make an excellent gift
Approx 5" inches long, and thicknesses can vary between 8mm and 14mm
Please note measurements are all approximate & each one is unique & individually crafted.
 Price  2.99 for ONE SET OF 10 PENCILS
Buy 5 sets get one set free!
Buy 5 we'll send you 6!
Buy 10 we'll send you 12!
Buy 25 we'll send you 30! .. and so on..

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       * 


074copycrpsz.jpg (214520 bytes)  24pcs self-seal DL (110 x 220mm) recycled Map envelopes from Direktrecycling

These envelopes are not only good for the environment, but are excellent quality, a pleasure to use, and have a lovely feel to them
Made in Germany and imported into the UK by a Fair Trade (IFAT & BAFTS* members) Company
(IFAT * = International Fair Trade Association,  BAFTS* = British Association for Fair Trade Shops)
only 1 set (that's 24 envelopes) remains in stock.  
Next batch, if possible, will likely see a price increase
Price is for one Lot of 24 envelopes

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       * 

Paperweights - Polished pebbles with engraved inscription

True Friends rsz84.jpg (105263 bytes)  Peace red round rsz92.jpg (91006 bytes) Happiness_pebbles.jpg (236553 bytes) Love natural heart rszd90.jpg (92646 bytes) Thank You rsz90.jpg (147315 bytes) ... and more...

Simple, positive messages on round, oval or heart - shaped pebbles

Messages are nicely engraved on the pebbles in a choice of one of these messages - "Smile", "Peace", "Joy", "Hope", "Love", "Friendship", "Happiness", "Courage", "Good Luck", "Wisdom", "Strength", "You can do it" , "You Rock", "True Friends", "Thank You", "I love you"

see our  Message Pebbles  page for full details