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N213-P080.jpg (74477 bytes)  Patchwork cotton long trousers,  multicoloured

Casual but smart, long trousers, excellent for wear anywhere, especially for festivals, yoga, tai chi, about house, garden, townFully elasticated waist, with drawstring
There are 3 standard trouser pockets;1 each side at hip and one back pocket
there are also 2 "combats" - style leg pockets with 2 nice coconut wood buttons securing each flap closure

Please note size labelling on these can be somewhat inconsistent.  I would not use the terms L or XL for instance, and recommend that you check the actual measurements when choosing your correct size.  Sizes do vary slightly, we have measured each garment so you could always state your desired measurements.

Available sizes - 'S/M' -
fits from 24" to 32" max waist.  Inside leg approx 27", total length approx 40" inches / 103cm
, fits from 27" up to approx 34" max. inch waist.  Inside leg approx 30".  Total length is approx 41" inches or 104cm
 'XL',  which is approx 41.5" inches / 106cm  with a waist fitting from 28" up to 36" 
A BAFTS (British Association of Fair Trade Shops) - recognised Fair Trade product, made by craftspeople in Nepal.
Sales of these fine trousers benefit the artesans & craftspeople involved in their creation and the wearer who gets to appreciate the excellent quality.  Price  17.50

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N215-P080 painted bits 6150.jpg (74677 bytes)  Also available with motif designs painted on 


A very Groovy pair of trousers.  Same sizes as above.    Price 19.95

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Plain cotton unisex trousers.jpg (16488 bytes)  Plain cotton long trousers,  in Natural unbleached (cream), or black, or navy
Lightweight.   Ideal for Tai Chi & Yoga


Available in natural from stock for immediate despatch in M / L / XL. 
We can supply these in cream colour (as pictured), black or navy blue.

Fully elasticated waist.  Our latest stock is without drawstring 
There are 2 standard trouser pockets, 1 each side at hip.

Available in the following sizes,

'M', fits from 26" up to approx max. 34" inch (99cm) waist.  Inside leg approx 28"(71cm).  Total length is approx 40" inch / 102cm
Also available in 'L' ,  fits from 28" up to approx max. 38" inch  waist.  Inside leg approx 29"(74cm).  Total length is approx 44" inch / 112cm.   XL is, of course, larger.
'XL',  Fits from approx 32" to approx max. 42" inch waist.  Inside leg approx 32" inches / 80cm Total length is approx 45" inches / 115cm
(please note, if your waist measurement is the same as the "approx max." measurement stated, you would be more comfortable with the next size up)

Casual but smart, long trousers, excellent for wear anywhere, especially for festivals, yoga, tai chi, about house, garden, town,  cooling in hot climes & provides protection from the sun    Price 12.00

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T83.jpg (57256 bytes)  Plain cotton lightweight Long Shorts trousers by Namaste
in taupe, natural (cream-coloured unbleached cotton) or black



Fully elasticated waistband backed up by drawstring makes for easy-fit.
Two Sizes  available
Smaller size (labelled 'M') fits from 26" inch waist, stretching out to 36" inch and are 25" inches / 64cm long
Larger size (labelled 'XL') fits from 29" inch waist stretching out to 42" inch and are 26" inches / 67cm long
Lightweight and cool to wear
RRP 14.80     our price only 6.95

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Cotton_three-quarter_trousers_drawstring_waist_T80.jpg (12293 bytes)    A nice, cool, three-quarter length trouser with drawstring waist and dragon & flame designs from Fair Trade supplier Namaste.


 This item holds true to their reputation for quality, stylish and ethically produced garments.
Available in  Namaste XL size, which should fit  from around 35" up to 40" max. inch waist 

We also stock an identical pair, also in XL, in black background with dark pink dragon & flame designs. Please let us know if you would like them in this alternative colourway
Great to wear, airy and extremely comfortable in the summer months
They have two back pockets, and two side hand pockets.    Price 14.95
Now only 11.95 (save 3.00)

zsh80___t80_trews 1191.jpg (20295 bytes)  matching shirts also available see our Fairtrade Shirts page


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TD1Denim_trouser_with_sari_pockets07sumat.jpg (23460 bytes)  Fair Trade extra small blue denim jeans, with worn look & recycled sari pockets

Sized by Namaste as Small.  Approximate measurements are 28" - 29" inch waist, 31" inch inside leg, total length 39 inch / 1 metre
Also available in Extra Small  Approximate measurements are 27"  inch waist, 31" inch inside leg, total length 39 inch / 1 metre
These lovely little jeans - ideal for chic girls & petite young ladies - feature;

  •  full, 1 small, front hip pockets, as standard jeans, one of which has purple sari & sequins on the visible part of the inner

  • One back pocket on left, of purple sari material with sequins, dark pocket - shaped area on right

  • Button - secured pocket below the knee on right leg. Dark, pocket-shaped area on left leg, in a similar place

  • Bottom of legs are frayed, looking like a turned down hem

All in all, a desirable & fashionable pair of jeans.   Price 24.95


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pink, purple, navy emd cotton crepe S M.jpg (31280 bytes)  Fair Trade cool Crepe crinkle cotton trousers  with 'flower power' (butterfly or flower) design embroidery.  Clearance item

From  Namaste,  These are available in Royal Blue, or Purple, or Raspberry Pink
Please state your choice when you pay for this item, or we'll happily choose for you.

Sized by Namaste as;-
 'M/L, these measure approx 42" inches / 107cm total length and should fit waists between 30" and 35" inches
..or S/M, which measure approx 40" inches / 101cm total length and should fit waists between 26" and 32" inches
Fastened by a cotton drawstring which is the same colour as the trousers     Price 15.00
Unfortunately the dye on these trousers is somewhat migratory (the colour runs / fades, the blue ones will make your legs blue), the remaining stocks will want to be washed and re-dyed.  Take them for 5 each pair if you like!   
contact us to check availability    Now only 5.00