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We have opted to offer only the top examples of the wonderful, widely - varied, imaginative & intriguing gifts available.  I hope you'll agree, there are some great little items here.
We have separate pages dedicated to Fairly - traded Windchimes and Dreamcatchers, and Incense & Holders (which make great gifts, as indeed could many other goodies found elsewhere on this site)

Remember, wholesale enquiries are welcome, bulk prices available on request


100_1889 - Copy rszd.jpg (109951 bytes)  100_1890 - Copy rszd.jpg (84329 bytes)  100_1893 - Copy rszd.jpg (123084 bytes)  100_1895 - Copy rszd.jpg (54324 bytes) 100_1889 - Copy - Copy_rszd.jpg (94573 bytes)  100_1903 - Copy rszd.jpg (129929 bytes)  100_1906 - Copy rszd.jpg (115223 bytes)  
The Fantastic, Fairly traded, Fluttering Butterfly 


This delightful curiosity is hand - crafted in Indonesia.  The butterfly's wings can be made to flutter realistically by squeezing a balloon bulb.  Hand - held, or affixed to a table or any suitable surface.  The card base folds outwards to facilitate this.  Whilst this has great appeal for children, it must be noted that this is not a toy, contains detachable small parts, and so is not suitable for unsupervised very small children.  Imported to the UK by Global Citizen Fairtrading.
These are truly amazing - Try some and find out why they are the number one item in our Wholesale range.

Price 1.95 each.  Buy 3 for 5.00    See (above) how the prices drop with quantity!
       Wholesale enquiries welcome

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *

 dpi 146 Fair Trade Mandala Meditation aid.jpg (203619 bytes)   The magickal, mystical, hand held brass Mandala.    

quantity (without info)

Ancient meditation aid (or modern stress-reliever). As the header card, pictured above and available (as an optional extra for a mere 10p) with the Mandala, says...  This device was originally developed in India some 2500 years ago, to aid the early Buddhists in their meditation.  Symbolic shapes can be created, such as the Universe, the Earth, the Sun, the hourglass (time), Yin and Yang (the opposites), the Sky, the Creation, the Explosion, the Void, the Tunnel (the travel of time), the Egg (rebirth)...  You may well find your own symbols & interpretations, as you coax your mandala through its endless changes of shape. Many find that use of a mandala can help focus the mind, aid concentration and relieve stress.

These are very pleasant to just play around with.  Creative types especially love them!

These Mandalas are the sturdiest and best - made that we have come across.  They are imported direct from the family in India who make them, by Global Citizen Fairtrading.
Price is for one mandala.  There are 4 in the picture to indicate just 4 of its many shape variations.
Price 3.50 for 1 'loose' (3.60 with info)  Buy 3 for 10.00 /(10.20 with info)   
See (above) how the prices drop with quantity!

click here to see mandala header card  Please buy info sheets seperately, below, if required 

info sheet quantity


*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *


Fair Trade Guatemalan haki sacks.JPG (682253 bytes)  Fair Trade Guatemalan Juggling Ball / Hacky Sack / Stress Ball


These haki sacks are brand new, hand crafted in Guatemala, and each one is unique.Each ball is 6cm in diameter.
The colourful outer is woven in various designs, colours & patterns.
They are filled with seeds and weigh approx 55g each
Uses include juggling, circus props, stress relief - it is pleasantly soothing to squeeze, hacky sacks for a knockabout with friends, painless ball - tag, and I'm
sure you can think of more...
Makes an uplifting, interesting and ethical gift.
Hundreds in stock.  Wholesale / Bulk prices on request
Prices 1 @ 2.75   3 @ 7.50,   6 @ 14.64,  12 @ 27.84, 20 @ 44.00

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *


 Fair Trade worry dolls 148dpi.jpg (200614 bytes) Worry Dolls from Guatemala in pouches
with explanatory card   


These typically come in attractive woven tie top little bags, which are approx 7cm deep and 5cm wide.  Inside you may find 6 or more little (about 2.5cm ,tall,) dolls, variously attired, and a little explanatory note, reading, "According to legend, Guatemalan children tell one worry to each doll when they go to bed at night and place the dolls under their pillow. In the morning the dolls have taken their worries away 
Tastefully, not excessively, packaged, with a header card that reads;
Guatemalan worry people
"In the highland villages of Guatemala, where the majority of the people are of Mayan descent, a story is told........
It is said that if you tell one worry to each worry person when you go to bed at night and place them under your pillow, in the morning all your worries will have been taken away."

The attractive patterned woven bag contains 4 to 6 worry people and makes an uplifting, interesting and ethical gift.
Further info on the card reads;- "This product has been made in and around the Guatemalan market town of Chichicastenango and has been imported by a recognised Fair Trade company. This is not a toy. Not suitable for children under three" (Indeed it contains small parts, hence the choking hazard for unsupervised very small children).
Bag & doll colours vary
Price 1.80 per pouch,    3 pouches @ 5,     10 pouches @ 14.20


*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *   


 medicine pouches mix.jpg (183648 bytes)  1922_Medicine_Pouch_reverse.jpg (42185 bytes)  1352_large_image_1921_Medicine_Pouch.jpg (29715 bytes)  Indian Medicine Bag, pouch on necklace cord

from BAFTS Fair Trade suppliers.  Suede pouch Shaman's purse with feather


For quantity discounts,  please use the "Add to Cart" button above to choose quantities - you may wish to message us separately to state which coulour(s) you'd like

If buying single pouches, please use the "Add to Cart" button below to choose your colour


The pouch contains many items symbolic for the Medicine Man's Magic
Many items are included but you could always add your own...

Pouch is typically approx 3" inches / 8cm deep, by 2.5" inches / 6.5cm across when flat and can be worn round the neck like a necklace using the wax cotton cord
Available in a choice of colours (from clockwise, top left in main (group) pic....
Black, Cerise Pink, Dark Chocolate Brown, Tan Brown, Emerald Green, Buff, Blue.

Overseas  customers usually add their own native seeds.  We usually remove seeds on  overseas orders because of Import / Export rules.

An informative tag (supplied) states;

"The American Indian medicine bag was always carried by the medicine man. The Medicine Man was the next most important member of the tribe after the chief, he was responsible for the healing of the sick and injured, predicting the future and driving away evil spirits.

Each of the contents of the bag has a specific purpose and their meaning is symbolised by the charm. The cloth was used as a symbol of healing, the stones characterize strength-the type of stone selected was based on both the type of the illness and the position of the member within the tribe, the turquoise blue is the traditional stone of the indian. the stick was used to drive away the evil spirits, the seeds symbolize the seeds of life and were used for fertility, growth and longevity.  The feather is the symbol of free spirit.

With the right mix, the medicine man could not only achieve miraculous healing, but could also bring about an important balance and harmony in life.

Try selecting the right mix to bring a balance to your life.  Other charms may be added to achieve the ultimate harmony"

Price 3.75 for 1    
See (above) how the prices drop with quantity!

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *


ASH215 8x8cm.jpg (5063 bytes)  Mixed wood rolling tortoise
or is it a snail ?  ASH216 Large mixed wood snail 12x13cm.jpg (7946 bytes)


A great fun & friendly item.  Very well crafted in India from 4 different woods.  Simply beautiful
Some say this is like a snail, but to me it's more like a tortoise.  What do you make of it?
Turning the mixed-wood sphere on top propels the legs, or push the turtle along and the sphere spins.
Stands 8cm (3" inches) high, 8cm long.   Price 6.95
Large model, 12cm high, 13cm long Price 12.50

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *


018 - Copy - rsz92dpi.jpg (146357 bytes) 024 - Copy rsz90dpi.jpg (138546 bytes) 010 - Copyrszd112dpi.jpg (58002 bytes)  Poison / Perfume Bottle pendant charm
Also known as vial or phial
Made from antique Tibetan copper coin

A lovely and intriguing charm or pendant
Can be supplied with or without wax cotton adjustable necklace cord
Made from genuine antique Tibetan coins
A UK 1 coin is shown in some of the above pictures for scale
Price 5 each on their own or 7.25 on wax cotton adjustable necklace

with or without necklace cord

*       *        *        *        *        *       *       *  


ipod camera holder rsz fair trade.jpg (110888 bytes) executive bag satchel and purse colour swatch.jpg (18461 bytes) Soft padded purse case for I pod, MP3 player, camera, phone


Just the ticket.  The main compartment measures 5" inches / 13cm long by 4" inches/10cm (max) high.
A digital camera such as our Kodac Easyshare CX7525 (11cm x 7cm x 4cm) fits perfectly inside
There is also an outer zip pocket into which most mobile phones would fit
Has a loop for belt or bag
only 4.50 each

 executive bags, satchels and coin/card purses can be colour coordinated with these purses , to create matching sets - see our bags, wallets purses page

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *


145 dpi turtles 100_2384 croprsz.jpg (177855 bytes)   Hand painted, lacquered turtles from Sri Lanka


A lovely fair trade item.  These turtles each have a little loop so can be used as pendants, beads, or charms.
Each one is unique and individually made with love & care
Only 90p each or 3 for 2.20,   Bulk prices on request


*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *


Kukri letter openers from Nepal

Attractive, unusual yet also functional items, these mini Kukri (knife of the highly respected and courageous Gurkhas of Nepal) are individually handcrafted by a craftpeoples' cooperative in Nepal and imported into the UK by Global Citizen Fairtrading.
The craftsmanship is very good and justifies the admiration these receive.

NB. These are too small to be combat knives.  However; Anyone purchasing these knives must be aware that knives are sharp and can be dangerous when misused; Care must be taken at all times to ensure children's and your own safety. We cannot sell these knives to anyone under the age of 18, so by purchasing you are confirming that you are aged 18 or over.
More stationery items available on our Ethical Stationery page


brass dragon kukri letter opener Fair Trade 162dpi.jpg (215044 bytes) Brass kukri (Gurkha knife) letter opener with dragon design  

Ornate yet useful as a pocket knife / letter opener
  As I hope may be visible from the picture of 3 of them near a 12 inch rule, dimensions as follows; Curved sheath, 3" inches, with dragon design incision work, snugly houses a 2 and 1/4" inch long curved brass blade. The curved handle is 1" long, nicely shaped brass. Overall length of sheathed item is thus 4 inches long.  Crafted entirely from brass. 
Prices are for ONE item, not three as in picture.
Price only 4.50 each

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *     

fish knife kukri.jpg (68823 bytes)  Small Kukri penknife/Letter Opener fish shape

   Steel bade. wooden 'fish' sheath & handle.  A novel yet useful pocket knife / letter opener
As I hope may be visible from the picture of 3 of them near a 12 inch rule, dimensions as follows; curved wooden sheath (fish 'body'), 10cm, with incision fish - scale work and inlaid steel eye, snugly houses a 8cm long curved steel blade. The fish tail shaped handle is 5.5cm long and crafted from wood. Overall length of sheathed item is thus 15cm - ish long. 

Price only 5.55 each

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *   

100_0368 kukbrooch croprsz.jpg (261057 bytes) Tiny Kukri Brooch in ornate sheath 

An attractive and unique item, this mini Kukri (knife of the highly respected and courageous Gurkhas of Nepal) brooch is handcrafted by a craftpeoples' cooperative in Nepal and imported into the UK by Global Citizen Fairtrading.
Useful in situations where only a one - inch brass kukri will suffice (!), the craftsmanship is very good and justifies the admiration it receives.  The sheath is silver plated upon brass (so the plating remains in place unlike with cheaper metals).
As I hope may be visible from the picture of 3 of them near a 12 inch rule, dimensions as follows;  Kukri is 1 inch end to end, and when sheathed overall length of brooch is 4cm.  Each item is individually hand - crafted so measurements are approximate.
beads are black, red, torquoise and lapis blue - available in all one colour or a combination of colours.  Please state your preference or we'll happily choose for you.
Price is for ONE item, not four as in picture.  Price 4.95 each


*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *


Green Man Relief Carved on log  43604503_1829094463793130_7011818506274471936_o.jpg (475332 bytes)

Approx 15cm, 6" inches high, and beautifully made.  You can choose an individual carving that you can see, pictured here, or purchase one from stock that hasn't been photographed.

Green man A  At 22  43471312_1829094180459825_5710367854226833408_n.jpg (107183 bytes)  43483684_1829093710459872_8262803868119728128_n.jpg (112040 bytes)  43548838_1829093663793210_7075893405376577536_n.jpg (88070 bytes)  

Green Man B,  At 22  43487577_1829094293793147_6225478675198902272_n.jpg (134874 bytes)  43497198_1829093997126510_6617168937995993088_n.jpg (114141 bytes)  43515601_1829094183793158_7230245003757355008_n.jpg (155643 bytes)  43601489_1829093740459869_4683563850904109056_n.jpg (136915 bytes)  43650784_1829094437126466_2750857747711918080_n.jpg (141695 bytes)

It is, of course, cheaper (at 18) to buy one that hasn't been photographed.  The Green Man you recieve will be unique, and will basically be like A or B above, but not identical as it will be blessed with its own uniqueness.  Below are some examples of what your unpictured Green Man may be like

224_2426_5861.jpg (59226 bytes)  224_2426_19379.jpg (48979 bytes)  224_2426_19380.jpg (60834 bytes)

Which Green Man

  *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *  



  African fertility dolls pair.jpg (117550 bytes)  8 inch fertility - Copyrszd.jpg (58215 bytes) African Fertility Dolls 6"inch or 8.5"inch

Pair of wooden fertility dolls from Kenya


There is one male doll and one female doll in each pair.
The 6 inch version is typically  16 - 17cm tall
The 8 & a half inch version is approx 21-22cm tall, 
It is said that the bearer of fertility dolls shall bear beautiful children. Owning these dolls is, of course, said to increase fertility and youthfulness
It is up to the individual whether to believe in such magic or not. I think myself, my wife, and our 5 children do.
Being Fair Trade, these have good energy about them and make an uplifting, interesting and ethical gift.
Made in Kenya and imported to the UK by a BAFTS - recognised (British Association of Fair Trade Shops) Importer.  
New stock just arrived!          Price 15 per pair
Special Offer - 8.5 inch version now also available at the same price

 *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *      *     *     *

Wooden animal noise - makers (Guiro)

rub them with the stick provided and realistic animal sounds can be imitated
Hand-crafted in Thailand.  All come Neatly Boxed unless stated otherwise.

THS14 10cm Chirruping Grashopper cutout.jpg (16160 bytes)  Chirruping Grasshopper Guiro


Cute and effective guiro sounding like the chirrup of a grasshopper in the summertime.
comes boxed available in 2 sizes
 approx 10cm long   Price 7.50
approx 15cm long    Price 10.95

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *

THS13 13cm Oinking Pig Guiro cutout 350q.jpg (19661 bytes)  Oinking Pig Guiro  016copsz78dpi (2).jpg (134423 bytes)


  Oinks beautifully.  
Approx 12-13cm in length in stock ready for immediate dispatch.  Price 9.25
 The smaller, 10cm, version takes approx 3 extra days, is 1 cheaper & available to order.  Price 8.25

*       *       *        *        *        *   

THS5 15cm Croaking Frog Guiro cutout.jpg (21452 bytes)  Croaking Frog Guiro  988_large_image__1.jpg (73793 bytes)


Large Frog Guiro in a natural wood finish. Excellent quality percussive instrument with a  great croaking sound which is deeper in the larger frogs.  4 sizes available,
 small (approx 5cm long, without box) Price 4.95
Medium  approx 12cm long.  Price  9.95
Large, (approx 16cm in length) Price 14.00

*   *   *   *

959_large_image_THS20_Mini_Rainbow_Frog.jpg (77332 bytes)  Rainbow Croaking Frog Guiro, small

 - Just arrived!  Frog small (5cm x 4cm x 4cm) size in rainbow without box
Price 4.95

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *


Courage.jpg (41273 bytes)  Courage (2).jpg (52223 bytes)  'Courage' Wall Hanging Scroll

Scroll / Wall Hanging promoting Courage 
Do you have a friend / family member / loved one facing daunting challenges?
An ideal gift, comes in it's own black pouch which it rolls up into
fabric measures approx 27" inches / 68cm long and 10.5" inches / 26cm wide
scroll bars are approx 11.5" inches / 29cm long
Text reads;  "Courage
Not the absence of fear or despair but the strength to conquer them"

Price 10.95

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *


snake plaq rszd.jpg (54454 bytes)  Celtic 2 entwined serpents plaque

measures approx 22cm / 9" inches wide by 16cm / 6.5" inches high
hand carved in wood
the two snakes can create an aura of Celtic Magic, or just look nice - it's all down to interpretation
Price   10.80     Now HALF PRICE!    ONLY 5.40

 *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *  


Easter Island Head Statues

Hand carved, atmospheric and evocative of those legendary monoliths
Although pictured here in pairs, they are sold singly

large island head 06150 31cm.jpg (63344 bytes)  large island head pair.jpg (63943 bytes)  large island heads.jpg (71109 bytes)  Large Easter Island Head

single or pair


Pictures above are of the actual item(s) currently held in stock
These stand 31cm tall
Price 20 each, 38 per pair


 island head 20cm 04125.jpg (66656 bytes) island heads.jpg (66457 bytes)  island heads pair.jpg (73631 bytes)  Easter Island Head 20cm

single or pair

These stand 20cm high
Price 12.95 each, 24 per pair


*       *       *        *        * 


see more wood carvings on our Wood carvings page


*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *      *     *     *



Pentacle night light holder.jpg (36560 bytes)  Pentacle design, carved night light / tea light holder

Nice & simple
7cm tall, approx 6cm diameter.   Price 6.95 each

 *     *     *     *     *     *      *   


Angel BA190.jpg (18920 bytes)   Hand Carved Wooden Angel Statue Small (10cm)


Freestanding.  Beautifully carved in Bali.  Pictured here in the snow
Stands 10cm / 4" inches tall.  Price 6.25 each


*     *     *   


003 carved wood angel.jpg (34044 bytes)  Hand Carved wooden Angel statue 15cm

Freestanding.  Beautifully carved in Bali.  Pictured here in the snow
Stands 15cm / 6" inches tall.   Price 7.95 each

*     *     *     

Angel BA190.jpg (18920 bytes)   Hand Carved wooden Angel statue
 large (20cm)

like the angel statue above, also freestanding
large (available now) stands 20cm / 8" inches tall price 10.20 each



*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *      *     *     *


SPS6_2155_12x8x6cm.jpg (21999 bytes)  Reclaimed teak box

Measures 12 x 8 x 6cm.  High quality, handsome Thai piece.  Hinged lid.  Price 8.20 each


*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *

Small, beautifully - crafted wooden box.
Brass hinge and pin ensure smooth opening and positive closing
Measures  2" inches (5.2cm) square and 3.5cm high.  Price 5.95


*        *        *        *        *       *  

see more on our Decorative boxes page


  Log boxes with sliding lid

Fair Trade craftsmanship from Thailand

Excellent gifts for men, who love their rugged natural beauty, intriguing concept and excellent workmanship.
Each one is individually hand-crafted and unique, so the sizes given and the photographs are approximate


BS7 Small log box, 8 x 6 x 5cm.jpg (10734 bytes)  Small log box, 7 x 6 x 5cm  Price 4.95 each

BS8 Medium log box, 14 x 11 x 8cm 2197.jpg (9737 bytes)  Medium log box, 13 x 10 x 7cm  8.95 each

  Large log box, 17 x 15 x 7cm  12.50 each


*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *

Beautifully - crafted Secret boxes

Very well made by by Aspiration in India, these boxes can only be opened by those who know the secret (an easily-removed sticker explains how)
New stock just arrived - Our secret boxes are in stock and ready for immediate despatch

ASP082 secret log box 15 x 10 x 6.5cm.jpg (7297 bytes)  Small (code (082) Box with secret lock.  Brass inlay with flowers & hearts
Measures 15cm x 10cm x 6.5cm.  Price 18.95

*  *  *

ASP083.jpg (6871 bytes)  Secret_box_ASP083_22x14cm_8133.jpg (147784 bytes)  Medium (code 083) Box with secret lock 22x14x7cm
3 flowers design carved on lid.  Price 24.00

*  *  *

ASP002 by Aspiration in India. Size 22 x 14 x 6.5cm.jpg (22093 bytes)  Medium (code 002) Box with secret lock.  Floral carving on lid
22 x 14 x 6.5 cm.  Price 24.00

*  *  *

ASP004 Box secret lock 27x19x7.jpg (24382 bytes)  Secret_box_ASP004_27x19x7cm_12150.jpg (190744 bytes)  Large (code 004)  Box secret lock. Carved design on lid and sides
27x19x7cm    29.00

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *

3 box set.jpg (67865 bytes)  Set of 3 matching wooden boxes

Fit one inside the other - for easy stowage
Spiral design in ceramic on lids, which are hinged and open upwards
Nicely grained wood, stained quite dark
Boxes measurements in height x width x length below
10cm x 13cm x 18cm ,  8cm x 10cm x 15cm ,  5cm x 12cm x 7.5cm x 12cm
RRP 29.95  Our Price 19.95 set of three.  Only one set in stock


*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *



Wooden incense boxes

see more incense items on our incense & burners page


 fair trade elpephant burner carved box.jpg (72928 bytes)  Fancy carved wooden incense stick burner and store

Price 10.95 each

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *   

Selection of Masks, below,  from our wallhangings, masks, placques page (where there's more!)...

green man.jpg (125324 bytes)  Green Man A.jpg (74986 bytes) High Quality Large Hand Carved Green Man

Aka; Robin Goodfellow, Jack of the woods...

Price 32.00

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *

2 tone green man 012150 46cm x 29cm.jpg (77400 bytes)  Large 2 - tone Green Man mask plaque

46cm high x 29cm wide
under 3cm thick (or 'deep'), so sits nicely against a wall
string loop attached for easy wall mounting
Price 32

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *

flat green man 0810 26cm x 20cm.jpg (55917 bytes)  Flat green Man Mask


Measures 26cm high by 20cm wide
string loop attached for easy wall mounting
Price 20


 *        *        *        *        *       *      *       *

keep out placque.jpg (131290 bytes)  keep out plaque 110 dpi 15cm.jpg (124330 bytes)  'Keep Out!' skull door plaque,  Pirate skull and cross bones

Ideal for restricted areas!
skull  on cross-bones, as pictured
for some reason the skull calls to my mind motorcycle club insignia
measures 1 foot / 30cm wide x 12.5inches / 31cm high
Price only 12.95

*    *    *    *

keep out pirate bandana.jpg (52339 bytes)  'Keep Out!' bandanna - clad skull door plaque,  Pirate skull and cross bones

Features a skull wearing a cotton bandana, pirate style
on cross bones
measures 10.5" inches  / 27cm wide x 11inches / 28cm high
Price only 12.50


 *        *        *        *        *       *      *       *


couple kissing KUM011 30cm 5150 large.jpg (42838 bytes)  Kissing Couple carved statue


A beautiful & alive wood piece from Bali that is difficult to do justice in a photo
Available Large - 30cm tall size,  18.00
Available Medium,  20cm tall size,  12.00

 *        *        *        *        *       *  


RTA061.jpg (44377 bytes)  Entwined kissing couple carved statue

Approx 6" inches / 15-16cm  tall
Another very nice piece.  Price 8.95

 *        *        *        *        *       *  

  kissing couple heart 20cm ABS074.jpg (49753 bytes)  Kissing couple with heart, carved statue

Clearly symbolises romantic love.
Approx 8" inches / 20cm tall.    Price 12.00


 *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *       *



z01412_a 18ml 1170.jpg (16821 bytes)   Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Perfume oil
   1/2 fluid ounce / 18 ml bottle

High quality perfume oil from the ultimate name in Nag Champa, Satuya Sai Baba
Price 7.95 per bottle.


 *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *

BS2 14cm 0142 pack10colouredpencils.jpg (18055 bytes)  BS2L - Croprszd.jpg (50421 bytes)    Set of 10 assorted coloured wooden stick / twig style colouring pencils

Hand Crafted in Thailand from tamarind twigs

These novel yet useful colored (deliberate 'typo' in an attempt to woo transatlantic search engines) pencils are a delight to use and make an excellent gift
Approx 5" inches long, and thicknesses can vary between 8mm and 14mm
Please note measurements are all approximate & each one is unique & individually crafted.
 Price  2.99 for ONE SET OF 10 PENCILS
Buy 5 sets get one set free!
Buy 5 we'll send you 6!
Buy 10 we'll send you 12!
Buy 25 we'll send you 30! .. and so on..

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *