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Watch this space.  We have lots of lovely new goodies which we are continually adding to this site.

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 medicine pouches mix.jpg (183648 bytes)  1922_Medicine_Pouch_reverse.jpg (42185 bytes)  1352_large_image_1921_Medicine_Pouch.jpg (29715 bytes)  Indian Medicine Bag, pouch on necklace cord

from BAFTS Fair Trade suppliers.  Suede pouch Shaman's purse with feather.  Now in choice of 7 colours - plenty in stock
Wholesale enquiries welcome


For quantity discounts,  please use the "Add to Cart" button above to choose quantities - you may wish to message us separately to state which coulour(s) you'd like

If buying single pouches, please use the "Add to Cart" button below to choose your colour


The pouch contains many items symbolic for the Medicine Man's Magic
Many items are included but you could always add your own...

Pouch is typically approx 3" inches / 8cm deep, by 2.5" inches / 6.5cm across when flat and can be worn round the neck like a necklace using the wax cotton cord
Available in a choice of colours (from clockwise, top left in main (group) pic....
Black, Cerise Pink, Dark Chocolate Brown, Tan Brown, Emerald Green, Buff, Blue.

Overseas  customers usually add their own native seeds.  We usually remove seeds on  overseas orders because of Import / Export rules.

An informative tag (supplied) states;

"The American Indian medicine bag was always carried by the medicine man. The Medicine Man was the next most important member of the tribe after the chief, he was responsible for the healing of the sick and injured, predicting the future and driving away evil spirits.

Each of the contents of the bag has a specific purpose and their meaning is symbolised by the charm. The cloth was used as a symbol of healing, the stones characterize strength-the type of stone selected was based on both the type of the illness and the position of the member within the tribe, the turquoise blue is the traditional stone of the indian. the stick was used to drive away the evil spirits, the seeds symbolize the seeds of life and were used for fertility, growth and longevity.  The feather is the symbol of free spirit.

With the right mix, the medicine man could not only achieve miraculous healing, but could also bring about an important balance and harmony in life.

Try selecting the right mix to bring a balance to your life.  Other charms may be added to achieve the ultimate harmony"

Price 3.75 for 1    
See (above) how the prices drop with quantity!


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Tibetan silk - embroidered cushion covers

the latest addition to our Tibetan Refugees' Produce page

These are beautifully made and finished.
Silk embroidery thread is skillfully used which gives a lovely iridescent sheen
They measure 40cm x 40cm and fit standard, easily available cushions
Stocks of these beautiful items are limited, and it may be difficult to obtain more anywhere reasonably close to these prices


ohm cushion covers rszd.jpg (157204 bytes)  ohm detail cushion rszd.jpg (135699 bytes)  ohm rszd.jpg (152923 bytes) Ohm & Knotwork silk - embroidered Cushion cover

Embroidered Ohm design in centre in dark burgundy red. red, orange - all edged with gold
Knotwork embroidery in the corners
with burgundy coloured borders
Price 22.20 each.     Only 3 in stock

*    *    *

saffron knot rszd.jpg (179837 bytes) saf knot detail rszd.jpg (161056 bytes) safron rszd.jpg (178573 bytes) safron detail rszd.jpg (196779 bytes)  Endless Knot silk - embroidered cushion cover

Embroidered Endless Knot design in centre
Knotwork emroidery in Gold colour silk in the corners
with saffron coloured borders
Price 22.20 each.    Only 4 in stock

*    *    *

dorje rszd.jpg (203882 bytes)  dorje detail rszd.jpg (142020 bytes)  dorje cushion rszd.jpg (143747 bytes)  Dorje & Knotwork silk - embroidered cushion cover

Embroidered Dorje design in centre
Knotwork emroidery in Burgundy colour silk in the corners
with Burgundy coloured borders
Price 22.20 each.    Only 2 in stock

*    *    *

endless knot blue rszd.jpg (124449 bytes)  Blue Knotwork Applique cushion covers

Centred knotwork design in blue applique
Blue borders
Price 14 each.     Only 5 in stock


endless knot R rszd.jpg (147903 bytes)  Burgundy Red Knotwork Applique cushion covers

Centred knotwork design in dark red applique
Dark red borders
Price 14 each.     Only 5 in stock




recently added to our Decorative Boxes page....

secret box 083 open rszd 88dpi.jpg (85529 bytes)  Beautifully crafted Secret lock, key-less boxes
An Excellent Gift!

Very well made by by Aspiration in India, these boxes can only be opened by those who know the secret (an easily-removed sticker explains how).  The hinges and lock fittings are both in brass.  Hinges are discretely positioned at the back, and the lock fittings are internal and out of sight
New stock just arrived - Our secret boxes are in stock and ready for immediate despatch
These high quality boxes are lovingly made and beautifully finished.  The wood used is sustainably-sourced sheesham wood from India.
Shesham wood is part of the rosewood family. It is durable and fast-growing, reaching maturity in 15-20 years (compared to 80-90 years for hardwoods like teak, and 7-10 years for soft woods).
These make excellent gifts for men or women.  The natural but simple beauty of the wood shines through.  They are great for keeping valuable little bits and bobs safely and tidily out of the way
The rich grain of the wood will always vary from one box to the next, so no two boxes will be exactly the same.  This uniqueness enhances the beauty of each piece.



box 082 rszd 80dpi.jpg (124246 bytes)  box 082 rsz90dpi.jpg (101467 bytes)  box 082 rsz.jpg (97651 bytes)  ASP082 secret log box 15 x 10 x 6.5cm.jpg (7297 bytes)  Small (code (082) Box with secret lock

Brass inlay with flowers & hearts design on lid
This is the smallest of our secret log boxes
External measurements 15cm x 10cm x6.25cm 
Internal measurements of secure storage area 12.5cm x 7.5cm x 4.2cm
Weighs approx 400g
  Price 18.95

*  *  *

BOXsecretLock084rszd.jpg (107617 bytes)  secret box 084rszd.jpg (92999 bytes)   BOXsecret084rszd.jpg (99726 bytes)  box084rszd.jpg (91224 bytes)  ASP084.jpg (10907 bytes)   Square (code 084) secret lock box   

Attractive round carved design on lid
secret lock box with carved round floral motif and jali border
Size: 17cm x 17cm x 7cm
Internal measurements: 12.5cm x 12.3cm x 4.5cm
Price 24.00

*  *  *

  secret box 1211rszd.jpg (77640 bytes)  secret box 1211 open rszd.jpg (94506 bytes)  secret box 1211rszdpic.jpg (114244 bytes)  secret box 1211 detail rszd.jpg (100827 bytes)  ASP1211.jpg (31526 bytes)  
Long (code 1211) wood carved secret lock box

Size: 27cm x 11.5cm x 6.5cm
Internal measurements: 226x73x40mm
Price 24.00

*  *  *

Secret_box_ASP083_22x14cm_8133.jpg (147784 bytes)  ASP083.jpg (6871 bytes)  secret box 083 open rszd 88dpi.jpg (85529 bytes)  Medium (code 083) Box with secret lock 

3 flowers design carved on lid.  Price 24.00

*  *  *

box 002 77dpi.jpg (96288 bytes)  box 002 75ish.jpg (82161 bytes)  bOX 002 98dpi.jpg (112297 bytes)  box 002 85dpi.jpg (94391 bytes)  box 002 72ish.jpg (85172 bytes)  ASP002 by Aspiration in India. Size 22 x 14 x 6.5cm.jpg (22093 bytes)
Medium (code 002) Box with secret lock.

Bands of Floral / Leaf carving on lid and all sides.
  Velvet lined floor inside
External measurements 22cm x14cm x7cm 

Internal measurements of secure storage area 18cm x 10cm x5cm  
Weighs approx 700-720g 
Price 24.00

*  *  *

secret box 004 rszd.jpg (150761 bytes)  secret box 004 open rszd.jpg (84710 bytes)  ASP004 Box secret lock 27x19x7.jpg (24382 bytes)  box 004 secr rszd.jpg (114153 bytes)  Secret_box_ASP004_27x19x7cm_12150.jpg (190744 bytes)  
Large (code 004)  Box with secret lock. 

Carved design on lid and all sides.  Inside base is neatly velvet - lined
This is the largest of the secret boxes available
Measure  27x19x7cm       Price 29.00

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *



celtic cross standing rsz98.jpg (71482 bytes)  celtic cross freestanding rsz95.jpg (60070 bytes)  224_1732_4827.jpg (43414 bytes) Free -  Standing Celtic Cross

Chunky wooden carved Celtic cross on base. 
This lovely little piece has etchings and carvings featuring knots and Celtic patterns.
Stands approx 28cm tall, by approx 15cm at widest point
Stand is flat and approx 12cm x 6cm to ensure it stands freely and securely
Quite lightweight at around 200g
Price 10.00

Lots more on our  wood carvings  page

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we have just added to our range of Message Pebbles ......


008 Hope pebbles 4 rszd.jpg (104922 bytes)  Hope pebbles.JPG (21724 bytes)  Paperweight Pebbles with "Hope" engraved
in natural colour in round or oval,
also in red in round or heart  - shaped

These are very appealing, embodying and encouraging perhaps one of the most vital attributes, and the last & best thing to come out of the fabled Pandora's box

Colour / shape

Prices & availability, Hope pebbles.
Round or oval shape  -   2.00 for Natural Grey,  2.20 for red coloured
Heart shape  2.25 in Natural Grey,  2.40 in red

*    *    *    *

You can do it pebble_200pc.jpg (79392 bytes)  Pebble with inspirational & motivational engraving
" You can
       do it   "
in natural grey colour, round or oval shape

A good inspiring message for those who may be helped by having greater confidence in their own abilities.
This inscription works on more than one level, as well as the obvious assurance "You can do it", 
it can also be seen as two sentences ..."You can!" and "Do it!"

Shape (in Natural Grey colour)

Prices & availability of "You can do it" Pebbles
Round or oval shape  -   2.00 for Natural Grey,

*    *    *    *

Strength pebbles rsz 200pc.jpg (56349 bytes)  Engraved paperweight pebble with "Strength" message
in natural grey colour, round or oval shape

an attribute often in demand, and requested from the Divine...

Shape (in Natural Grey colour)

Prices & availability of "Strength" Pebbles
Round or oval shape  -   2.00 for Natural Grey,

*    *    *    *


I Love you - Copy rszd.jpg (133573 bytes) I Love You_50pc.jpg (50976 bytes)  Polished pebble with romantic "I Love you" engraving
in Natural colour, oval shape

say it clearly, set in stone ...

Prices & availability of "I Love you" Pebbles
oval shape  -   2.00 for Natural Grey,


*    *    *    *


064 - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy50pc.jpg (63285 bytes)  engraved paperweight pebble with "you Rock" inscription
in Natural colour, oval shape

Friendly and affectionate "you Rock" message, in stone

Prices & availability of "you Rock" Pebbles
oval shape  -   2.00 for Natural Grey,

*    *    *    *


Wholesale enquiries welcome, please state actual desired quantity when requesting a quote

We can also supply pebbles engraved with your own messages

check our Message Pebbles page for the full range.  Now all with 'Add to Cart' buttons

Happiness_pebbles.jpg (236553 bytes)

Smile", available round shape, all colours
  available round or oval in natural grey.   Heart shaped in red
"Joy", available round or oval in natural grey.  Heart or round shape in red, pink, purple, teal
"Hope", available round or oval in natural grey.  Heart or round shape in red. 
"Love", available heart shape all colours
"Friendship",  available oval shape all colours
",  available oval shape all colours
"Courage", available oval shape in natural grey, blue, pink, purple
"Good Luck", available oval shape all colours
"Wisdom" available oval shape all colours.  Round shape in red, pink, purple, teal
available round or oval in natural grey
"You can do it"
available round or oval in natural grey
"You Rock"
available    oval in natural grey
"True Friends" 
available  oval in natural grey
"Thank You" 
available  oval in natural grey
"I love you" 
available  oval in natural grey


*     *     *     *     *



018 - Copy - rsz92dpi.jpg (146357 bytes) 024 - Copy rsz90dpi.jpg (138546 bytes) 010 - Copyrszd112dpi.jpg (58002 bytes)  Poison / Perfume Bottle pendant charm
Also known as vial or phial
Made from antique Tibetan copper coin

A lovely and intriguing charm or pendant
Can be supplied with or without wax cotton adjustable necklace cord
Made from genuine antique Tibetan coins
A UK 1 coin is shown in some of the above pictures for scale
Price 5 each on their own or 7.25 on wax cotton adjustable necklace

with or without necklace cord

*    *    *   *    *    *   *    *    *

New additions to our range of Throws / bedspreads ....


SP16.jpg (167115 bytes)  Red elephant Khadi bedspread / throwover / wallhanging

Beautiful and exotic Asian design with elephants, from India.
210cm x 240cm.  Weighs approx 600g
Price 27.50 each

*    *    *

SP15 rszd100dpi.jpg (163117 bytes)  Handprinted Anjuna pattern bedcover with blues & torquoise

This beautiful bedspread, throw or wall hanging features a circular design in lovely shades of blue and turquoise. Handprinted using traditional screen printing techniques.
210 x 240cm  Weighs approx 800g
Price 27.90 each

see our throws, bedspreads rugs page for more

*    *    *

tree deer corner detail rszd.jpg (168523 bytes) tree detail rsd.jpg (126085 bytes)  tree of life throw rszd.jpg (148549 bytes)  SP17 (1).jpg (192606 bytes) tree of life nest detail rszd.jpg (107792 bytes) 
Tree of life cotton khadi bedcover/hanging

This handprinted bedcover, throw or wall hanging features a tree of life design in beautiful shades of red, blue and yellow.  There is a lot going on in this picture, which is lively without being 'too much'
 Handprinted using traditional screen printing techniques.
Photographs above taken under different lighting
210 x 240cm.  Weighs approx 650g
Price 27.95 each

*    *    *

 elephant and camelsrsz74dpi.jpg (175986 bytes)  SP44.jpg (73086 bytes)  Red Elephant and Camel bedspread / throw

This handprinted bedcover / wall hanging features elephants and camels in a circular design. Handprinted using traditional screen printing techniques 
200 x 240cm .  Weighs approx 600g
Price 27.00 each


*    *    *


  HTN003-B.jpg (65693 bytes) HTN003-W.jpg (55241 bytes) Woolly sheep earflap hat

Colour / Size

A fun yet lovely & warm hat.
Available in black or white
Medium (fits from children, youths, to small/ medium size adults)
or Large size (Fits large adults)
Price 15.90 each


*       *        *        *        *        *       *       *  



rag rug purple rszd.jpg (131632 bytes) rag rug red rszd.jpg (124661 bytes) rag rug torq rszd.jpg (86654 bytes)  Rag Rugs


Recycling in action.  From India,
There rugs are made from cleaned, recycled fabrics.
Measure approx 62cm x 100cm
Beautifully  overdyed.  We have them in Purple, Red, or Torquoise
As with many Indian textiles, colour transfer is possible.  Washing instructions are to hand wash in warm water. 
 They can be ironed on low heat 
but not bleached, tumble dried, nor dry cleaned
Price 12.50 each

*    *    *


Directly from the manufacturers, Tara Projects of India

 Tara Projects are one of the World's first and foremost Fair Trade organisations.  They are involved in Fair Trade, educational, health, social, environmental and charitable projects in many parts of India
 See the items below...


Glass bead choker necklace...  chokr.jpg (45569 bytes) quirky choker.jpg (27160 bytes) multicol red glass bead necklace.jpg (73841 bytes) chokers x3.jpg (87654 bytes)
Red and multicolour beads, button fastening

A gorgeous piece, beautifully made.  From Tara Projects of India
Looks and feels lovely
Measures approx 53cm-55cm long.  Price 9.95


*    *    *


GOT bracelets.jpg (78676 bytes)  030 - croptwicerszd_GOT.jpg (174542 bytes)  Burnished Gold/Bronze G.O.T style cuff bracelet

original and inspired design from Tara Projects
2" inches / 5.2cm wide
Quality brass bracelet with hammered design and burnished gold / bronze finish
Price 8.95 each

*     *     * 

beaded bracelet TZD2353B.jpg (85002 bytes)  bracelet beaded TZD2353B.jpg (87428 bytes) 
Brass bangle with bright multicolour beads

Another beautiful new addition
4.2cm wide brass cuff bracelet with excellent beadwork
(code TZD2353B).      Price 8.95 each

*    *    *

Resin 'horn effect' big bead stretch bracelets

These elasticated bracelets have beads which look like horn but are actually made from resin, so are suitable for vegans!

bracelet TAR25.jpg (136533 bytes)  Black resin stretch bracelet with white design

(code TAR25) Seven oval shaped beads, each approx 3.5cm long, each seperated by two small round beads
Price 8.75 each

*    *    *

horn_effect_resin_bracelet_TAR11.jpg (213817 bytes)   Black & Brown 'double zero' design stretch bracelet

(codeTAR11) Seven 'flat egg shaped' beads, each approx 4cm long, with '00' design
Price 8.85 each

*    *    *

TAR12 purple tree of life design bracelet.jpg (66577 bytes)  Black & purple tree of Life design stretch bracelet

(code TAR12) Seven 'flat egg-shaped' beads, each approx 4.2cm long
Price 8.90 each

*    *    *    *    *    *

MH5430_Bangle_012 - Copy.jpg (172295 bytes)  Bangle_007 - Copy.jpg (149112 bytes)  Continuous brass boho bracelet, with multicolour jointwork

(code TAR16)  Painted Papri wood
 Beautiful jointwork from Tara Projects, India
Internal diameter is approx 7cm
Price 8.90 each

*    *

 more lovely jewellery on our Just  Jewellery pages


*    *    *    *    *


mirror mosiac box.jpg (64432 bytes)  mirror mosaiac.jpg (45728 bytes)  Small Mirror Mosaic Wooden Box

Small, beautifully - crafted wooden box.
Brass hinge and pin ensure smooth opening and positive closing
Measures  2" inches (5.2cm) square and 3.5cm high.  Price 5.95


*        *        *        *        *       *  

see lots of other Boxes on our Decorative boxes Page


*   *    *    *   *


New items direct from BAFTS* Importers

*BAFTS = British Association of Fair Trade Shops

See below...

Bamboo Root man

Carving of Face made from Bamboo root, As the shape of each root differs the craftsman adapts the design to suit each shape.  Thus each one is unique, and full of character
Has a loop for easy hanging.

bamboo man.jpg (44870 bytes)  This one which we have photographed

Height 27cm.  You will be sent the actual Bamboo root man in the photograph.
Select the "Root Man as Photo" option from the Add to Cart' button, below.  Price 15.90

As photo, or not pictured


root_man.jpg (60087 bytes) One which may look something like either picture

Average height = 26cm.  Select the "Root Man not pictured" option from the 'Add to Cart' button, above.
Shapes, Sizes & carvings vary.  They are all individualistic and have their own character.  Not individually photographed, hence cheaper price of 14.40

the items above and below can also be found, along with lots of other great goodies, on our
Wood Carvings
Wallhangings, masks, plaques
Gifts / Curious Crafts

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