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Fair trade Gloves & Socks

Prices are, of course, per pair

Excepting the alpaca from Peru, they are Hand made in the Himalayas by skilled craftspeople and all are Imported to the Uk by Global Citizen Fairtrading or other, BAFTS - recognised Fair Trade Importers.
These are all Brand New, nice quality, and deservedly popular.



red_black_tube_glove_rszd.jpg (58426 bytes)  red_black_tube_gloves_rszd.jpg (116062 bytes)  red_black_tube_gloves_Guy_rszd.jpg (192762 bytes) yellow_green_blue_tube_gloves_rszd.jpg (169946 bytes)  yellow_green_blu_tube_gloves_rszd.jpg (79347 bytes)
Fleece lined luxury fingerless & thumbless tube gloves
Made by & sold in support of Tibetan Refugee Community Groups


Available in a choice of;-

Red & Black (Dennis the Menace colours)

yellow, green & light blue

Approx 8" inches long
Nice fleece lining, snuggly, cosey and warm
Leaves your fingers and thumb free to happily phone, text, type, shop online....

These  gloves have an aperture (hole) for the thumb, and many people find them to be the best for wearing whilst using the computer keyboard

Proceeds from the sale of these helps the people who make them, and the Tibetan refugee community in India

The wearer will also benefit nicely from these lovely gloves!
Price 10.95

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   113_1182_6531.jpg (31904 bytes) 113_1182_6532.jpg (66448 bytes) 113_1182_7577.jpg (47565 bytes) Fingerless tube gloves with fleece lining, Rainbow stripe

Currently only the rainbow stripe (1st pic) are available.
We will restock on the other colours  ( russet, pink, brown, green, red - pics at bottom of page) when they next become available



Glove type

Nice fleece lining.  Lovely and warm, yet allow virtually unfettered finger function!
Stylish & ideal for typing, driving, running online stores or outdoor stalls...
    Price 10.95 per pair

matching hats available on our hats & headwear page

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113_1182_6532.jpg (66448 bytes)  111_534_26224.jpg (55852 bytes) Matching fleece - lined earflap hat & tube gloves sets  available in rainbow stripe only


Matching hat & Tube Gloves sets currently only available in rainbow
We have the hats only -not gloves - available, on our Hats page, in russet tones & pink tones (as pictured bottom of page), and green tones, and brown tones.  Sets price 21.00 for 1 hat and 1 pair gloves


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blue gloves crpd.jpg (28437 bytes)  012 coprsz.jpg (113691 bytes)   PW15R Fingerless Alpaca_1.jpg (56229 bytes)  PW15 Multicoloured Fingerless Gloves cutout_1.jpg (47265 bytes)  dark multi alpaca fingerless gloves riped.jpg (22925 bytes) 

 Fair Trade Multicolour stripe soft (like cashmere) luxury alpaca wool - blend gloves, fingerless or full fingered


Glove type

This blend of alpaca wool & acrylic is lovely... nice & soft & warm, not itchy, similar to cashmere wool in feel
These gloves are very nice quality.
Suitable for
teens, not-too-large-Men or Ladies.  One size fits pretty well all.
We also stock matching scarves, hats & socks to go with these gloves. Jumpers available to order.
Price 7.95 full-fingered or fingerless

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NW10a rainbow wool gloves_1.jpg (55033 bytes)  Fair Trade Rainbow Wool Gloves

A welcome addition to the rainbow range. These gloves are nice quality, deservedly popular.
Currently in large adult sizes.
Thick knit, warm for the winter.  Great for making snowmen or having snowball fights!

We are also selling scarves, socks, hats and jumpers, jackets, bags & purses to match these excellent gloves.
Price 8.40

Also in Purple...

s-l400.jpg (27286 bytes)  Purple stripe knitted wool gloves

As above, but in purples.  
Price 8.40
Matching socks available here (just scroll down the page...)

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113_3350_2.jpg (66955 bytes)  Rainbow Flap "Hunter" 2 in 1 , Mitten or Fingerless Gloves

Great idea these.  They can be worn as mittens with the flap up, to keep your fingers nice and warm when outside, or with the flap buttoned down out of the way to make fingerless gloves, when you need to use those fingers

Price 10.40
Also in Purple...

113_3351_2.jpg (50957 bytes)  Purple Stripe Knitted Hunter 2 in 1 gloves


and grey...

254_3352_2.jpg (45646 bytes)  Grey and Black 2 in 1 Mitten / Fingerless "Hunter" gloves 

Price 10.40


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NW14a wool rainbow socks_1.jpg (70410 bytes)  Fair Trade Rainbow Stripe Thick Knitted wool socks

Brand New. A welcome addition to the rainbow range. These socks are nice quality, very long - lasting...
Warm, and not itchy. Suit Men or Women.
Size for adult, 6 - 11
We are also selling gloves, hats, scarves, bags & purses and jumpers to match these excellent socks

Price 10.80

also in purple...

112_3347_9592.jpg (34187 bytes)  Purple stripe warm winter woolly socks

Like the rainbow socks above, but in purple colours

Price 10.80

Matching gloves also available here (just scroll upwards on this page...)

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NK26 silk fingerless gloves_1.jpg (78227 bytes)  Fair Trade fingerless gloves made from recycled silk threads

A welcome addition to the range of purpley - multicoloured silk thread range. 
We currently hold stocks of large sizes only , (though you are welcome to let us know if you would like us to try to obtain smaller for you)
Happy shopping. Please bear in mind these are unique &  individually made so the item you receive will vary slightly from the one in the photograph. Thank you.
  We are also selling bags, purses, hats, scarves, and tops to match these excellent gloves.
Price 9.95

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GLV018 02100.jpg (46856 bytes)  GLV018.jpg (173727 bytes) Fair Trade Rainbow stripe Fingerless Wool Gloves

Brand New. A welcome addition to the rainbow range. These gloves are nice quality, deservedly popular.
Freesize for adult and have sufficient give to fit most sizes of hands
We are also selling scarves, socks, hats and jumpers, jackets, bags & purses to match these excellent gloves, and these in the 'with fingers' variety
  Gloves Price 7.50


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  zG101_H101_SC101 glove 2197.jpg (44459 bytes)  zH101_G101_SC101 scarf 5153.jpg (37446 bytes)  Fair Trade sparkley matching hat, and mitten gloves set by Namaste
Keep warm in style this winter!

Attractive, stylish and funky!  Each one is unique so there is some variation from the pictures
Mitten gloves and hat are freesize, with enough give to fit nearly all ladies.

100% cotton - knit, with interwoven silver thread giving extra sparkle

We have pairs of mitten gloves available separately at 9.95
We also have hats available at 9.95 each
We also have one set of hat & gloves available at

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  017crprsz alpaca 03150.jpg (199994 bytes)  blue sox cropd.jpg (22818 bytes)  Stripey soft luxury alpaca wool - blend socks


These socks are very nice quality... like the gloves above.
Suitable for Men or Ladies.  One size fits pretty well all.

Size for adult, 6 - 12 (should be a loose fit for size 6, and fit up to just about size 12 - more comfy for 7 to 11's)

We also stock matching scarves, hats & gloves to go with these socks. Jumpers available to order.

We stock the three colourways (rainbow or blue both pictured, or dark multi) socks in this range too, all cost the same. 

They are Hand made in Peru by skilled craftspeople and Imported to the Uk by BAFTS - recognised Fair Trade Importers.     Price 10.95



lined half finger mitten combo.jpg (143689 bytes)  Lined Hunter '2 in 1' gloves

in black / grey / buff
Mittens and 'fingerless' (actually 'half - finger') gloves combined
Flap buttons up - to allow fingers to work, or can cover fingers snuggly like a mitten!
9.95 per pair

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NK21B space dye cotton gloves_1.jpg (105597 bytes)  Fair Trade Rainbow Space Dye Knitted Cotton Gloves

Size for adult and have sufficient give to fit most sizes of hands
We are also selling hats, scarves, socks and jumpers to match these excellent gloves.
Price 6.95

matching hats available on our hats & headwear page




hoping to have these colours tube glove available again soon
  glove rainbow fingerless_2.jpg (43748 bytes)      RED tones tube gloves.jpg (76679 bytes)  

as they do match our hats (in stock) rather well....

 russet set.jpg (   pink tones set.jpg (129971 bytes)  010 crsz both hat glove sets (2).jpg (168199 bytes)