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Global Citizen Fairtrading ...

  ... was set up in the early 1990's, before Fair Trade became fashionable.  The goal being of operating an ethical business successfully, supplying quality fair trade products and playing an active part in the generation and cycle of goodwill.  We aim to ensure that producers and customers alike are happy in, and benefit from, dealing with us.  

Founded by Guy Williams in the early 1990's, this is now a family business run with wife Rose, from our cottage in Gloucestershire.   Also under our roof live our 5 children so please do not be alarmed if a young voice answers the 'phone;  We would recommend liberal use of the phrase, "fetch mummy or Daddy" in such an instance.

During travels in South East Asia and the Indian subcontinent Guy was able to see it is possible to make a real difference to the lives of craftspeople & artisans and their families.  Paying a fair price to those involved in producing such wonderful items and duly recognising the value of their work, can ensure that the craftspeople can properly feed, clothe, house & educate their families.

Dealing directly with craftspeople and their cooperatives has resulted in savings being made as middle - men are not involved.  Thus we are able to provide excellent value - for - money to our customers.

We have operated this as a wholesale as well as retail operation.  Global Citizen Fairtrading exhibited at the Autumn Trade Fairs at the NEC, Birmingham in 1994 and 1993.   The wholesale section has always sold predominantly through the mail, from shows & occasional adverts in the Trade press.   Also by supplying to shops in the area, often through  word - of - mouth referrals.

 Retailing began at craft fairs and markets in 1991, initially and briefly under the name of 'Shiny Happy People Trading Co.'  The name - change came about after the realisation that financial institutions wouldn't take such a name seriously.  From 1993 to 2005 Guy ran a stall from an ornate Victorian style handcart in Gloucester's Eastgate Street.  [Excepting 2003 where this was done in the illustruous City of Bath's (a World Heritage site) Union Street.  However the commuting distance to Bath always felt too far for comfort in terms of environmental sensitivity.]
The stall was very well-received & appreciated, though climate and street plan changes eventually rendered such trading in  Gloucester somewhat difficult and with a heavy heart, we made Christmas Eve 2005 our last day on that site.  From 2006 to 2008 we had a Saturday and Christmas stall on Gloucester's 'Cherry & Whites' Market in Kings Square .

We traded April - December in Hereford from 2008 to 2010, and Christmas 2011,   2012,  2013, 2014 and 2015 beside the historic Old House, near the Bull Statue

Returning to Gloucester's Eastgate Street in 2014, 2015 and 2016 for the pre- Christmas period

In November 2017 to January 2018 we were indoors at Gloucester's Eastgate Market Hall

Looking forward to the future of trading with our stall  ... including a mixture of shows, festivals and events wherever they may be (watch this space!), and the vast expanse of the worldwide web. 

A toe in the water period on the eBay site, where the shop - named Global Citizen - picked up some excellent online trading experience (and feedback),  You can take a look here - stores.ebay.co.uk/Global-Citizen As we have always strived to achieve & maintain a reputation for honest, prompt & careful service, it is good to see that this can be verified in a few clicks using the Feedback system.  To do this, you can click the link above to our ebay shop.  Viewing our unedited feedback can be done by a single click on the feedback score (currently close approaching 12,000 ) - the number in brackets after the 'Maintained by ...' username, 'lartsdad'.   Our customers do say some nice things about us, we are happy that you can check this in raw & unedited form - straight from other people's experiences of trading with us.   You can also click the link below to access directly all ebay feedback comments we have received.
Check our unedited ebay shop feedback here

We hope this has prepared us for this next venture - the one you are reading now:-  Our first website, here at;
  www.thefairtradeshop.co.uk        We also have the domain www.thefairtradeshop.com

Thank you for taking interest in us and I hope you will enjoy playing your part in influencing for the better, through your custom, the history of our ethical trading operation.

All GCF - imported goods offered for sale on this site have been checked thoroughly by ourselves to justify their ethical status & description as "Fair Trade"
Goods here that we have sourced from other importers, and not been able to oversee production, have only been from trusted Fair Trade importers, members of recognised organistations such as BAFTS (British Association of Fair Trade Shops) and IFAT (International Fair Trade Association)




evolutions of the Global Citizen Fairtrading stall, in Gloucester Eastgate St. (1990's)...  scan0005 cropd.jpg (162061 bytes)     scan00112nd cropbest.jpg (536570 bytes),

and Bath, Union St. (2003)...  My Pictures0022.jpg (95345 bytes)     My Pictures0023.jpg (84655 bytes)


 Gloucester Eastgate Street (1993-2005)...  print size 9x14cm 100_0249.jpg (355679 bytes) , and Gloucester King's Square (2006-8)  011croprsz142dpi.jpg (272273 bytes)  ,

to Hereford, (2008 - 2013)  Hereford stall pic April 2009.jpg (80910 bytes)


fairtradeshop_stand_among_the_e-types.jpg (65305 bytes)  among the e-type Jags at a classic car show, 2011


 montpellier midsummer fiesta.jpg (55801 bytes)  Midsummer Fiesta in Cheltenham, July 2011.  We were there then...

stall_at_fiesta_pic92_rszd.jpg (146078 bytes)   .... and almost every year since.  This is from 2017


thefairtradeshopdotcodotukstall_at_Hullaballoo.jpg (172058 bytes)  Hullabaloo Festival, August 2012, Shurdington, Glos.  We were there too


thefairtradeshop at transport festival 2013.jpg (86247 bytes)  at a transport festival, 2013, among the Smart cars

11923246_870075693028350_569806794448659118_n - Copy.jpg (42146 bytes)   At Coleford Music Festival

stall with mayor.jpg (116729 bytes)  At Sue Ryder Hospice, Leckhampton.  2017.    The Mayor of Cheltenham pays a visit...

Stall_in_Gloucester_Market_Hall.jpg (215561 bytes)  Coming in from the cold, winter 2017-18, Gloucester Eastgate Market Hall



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