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Dream Catchers - all from Fair Trade sources

Supplied by BAFTS / IFAT - recognised Fair Trade Importers, these Dream catchers are lovingly made on the beautiful Island of Bali by craftspeople who are properly rewarded for their endeavours.

The small (5cm & 6cm and 2.5cm, below) dreamcatchers are ideal for home or for car or truck interiors.  The larger ones are usually hung from bedroom ceilings, walls or window frames


zWCH5.jpg (25354 bytes)  Small (5cm) Dreamcatcher, in choice of colours;-
black, torquoise, blue, pink, purple,  red, light green, 
 with sea shells and silver coloured beads and web


Torquoise and black dreamcatchers are pictured above
5cm (2" inch) ring diameter / 22cm (9" inch) high (from hook to bottom of feathers). 
Price 2.95 each


 *        *        *        *  


black dreamcatcher shells rszd.jpg (40267 bytes)  blue dreamcatcher shells rszd.jpg (41411 bytes)  red dreamcatcher shells rszd.jpg (42322 bytes)  pink shells dreamcatcher rszd.jpg (49059 bytes)  Small (6cm) Dreamcatcher, in choice of colours;-
black, blue, red, pink, yellow
 with sea shells and silver coloured beads and web


 As above, slightly larger at 6cm ring diameter.  Beautiful little dream catcher with shells
available in black, blue, red (as pictured above), also in pink, or yellow  Price 2.95 each 


*       *       *        *        *        *        *       * 


 Small (5cm) Dreamcatchers with coloured feathers, in ...

5cm DC31 Small purple dreamcatcher rp199 0185.jpg (5974 bytes)Purple,    DC28 Dreamcatcher 5cm yellow.jpg (5602 bytes)Yellow,   DC33.jpg (6577 bytes)Black

Diameter of the ring is 5cm.  Price (any colour) 2.50 each




*       *       *        *        *        *        *       * 

  WCH4.jpg (22825 bytes)  nam fairtrade mini dreamcatcher w chimes.jpg (26287 bytes)  Small (6cm) pink or purple Dream catcher with chimes

Diameter of the ring is 6cm / 2.5 inches Price 2.80 each



*       *       *        *        *        *        *       * 


   orange dreamcatcher necklace.jpg (30338 bytes) Dreamcatcher Necklace with adjustable thong, in brown, blue or orange

Dreamcatcher ring diameter  is approx 1 inch / 2.5cm.  Made using suede and real feathers  Price 2.95 each


*       *       *        *        *        *        *       * 

dreamcatcher small brown owl rszd.jpg (67499 bytes)  DC1409.jpg (22210 bytes)  Little Brown Owl Dreamcatcher 6cm

Cute, owl-shaped small brown dreamcatcher with keyring loop for hanging
Width: 6cm  Hanging length: 17cm.  Price 4.80


*       *       *        *        *        *        *       * 

Fair Trade medium (9cm) Dream catchers, in ...

DC38 Medium blue dreamcatcher 1127 9cm.jpg (7850 bytes)Blue,  DC39 Medium purple dreamcatcher 1127 9cm.jpg (7018 bytes)Purple,  DC40 Medium brown 9cm dreamcatcher.jpg (6675 bytes)Brown,  black 9cm dreamcatcher fair trade.jpg (62080 bytes) Black,   DC37 Dreamcatcher 9cm green 1127.jpg (6761 bytes) Torquoise-green,  red, yellow

Price 4.95 each

9cm colour

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       * 

9cm natural colour with beads.jpg (3802 bytes) dreamcatcher 9cm silver beads DC48 natural - rszd.jpg (68175 bytes) 9cm pink with beads DC47.jpg (4315 bytes) Dreamcatcher silver DC47 beads 9cm pink rszd.jpg (97730 bytes) 9cm torquoise w silver beads DC49.jpg (4610 bytes) dreamcatcher 9cm torquoise discorszd.jpg (129855 bytes) Medium (9cm) dreamcatcher with shiny silver beads


Available (as pictured left to right) in Natural colour, or pink, or torquoise.  With coloured feathers and silver-coloured beads
Price 4.85 each

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       * 


 dreamcatcher hemp multi 8cm small rszd.jpg (114957 bytes) DC84 8cm.jpg (18526 bytes) dreamcatcher hemp dc84 multi 8cm rszd.jpg (128233 bytes) Natural Hemp multi - dreamcatcher 8cm

Main ring is 8cm in diameter
has 4 smaller rings, one is 4.5cm, the other three are 3.5cm diameter.  Price 6.95

also available larger (20cm), scroll down to see
*       *       *        *        *        *        *       * 


Fair trade 16/16.5cm multi - dreamcatchers

cream dreamcatcher.jpg (60951 bytes)  DC52 Natural pink dreamcatcher with beads 2197.jpg (5071 bytes) ...with silver beads in cream  natural

main ring is 16.5cm diameter
has two smaller (5cm) rings).  Price 8.95

  DC51.jpg (5446 bytes)  ...with silver beads in pink

main ring 16.5cm
has three smaller (5cm) rings. Price 8.95

or without silver beads in...

  DC45 Dreamcatcher purple 16cm plus 3 small.jpg (28706 bytes)  purple,  or blue

16cm diameter main ring
 plus 3 smaller (5cm) rings  Price 8.95 each



*       *       *        *        *        *        *       * 

black white dreamcatcher fair trade 3104.jpg (123913 bytes) DC55DC55 Dreamcatcher - black and white 2155 (2).jpg (6506 bytes)  black & white 'zebra' multi dream catcher

Main ring is 16.5cm diameter
with 4 smaller (3x 5cm, 1x 6cm) rings.  Price 9.95



*       *       *        *        *        *        *       * 

DC85.jpg (20928 bytes) dreamcatcher hempdc85 20cm rszd.jpg (90590 bytes) Multiple Dreamcatcher 20cm natural hemp colour

Main dreamcatcher is 20cm, with 4 smaller dream catchers below
one of the smaller rings measures 6.5cm, and 3 of them are 5cm in diameter   Price 10.00

also available smaller (8cm), scroll up page to see

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       * 

DC1408.jpg (28536 bytes)  Red, heart shaped multiple dreamcatcher

Largest heart measures approx 12cm across by 12.5cm high
3 smaller hearts measure approx 5.5cm across by 6cm high
Price only 6.60 each

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       * 


1272 Dreamcatcher 17cm Fair Trade 0250.jpg (65419 bytes)  Fair Trade 17cm Multiple Dreamcatcher, in purple, red, orange or black


Five rings in all  The largest ring is approx 17cm in Diameter
Distance between the natural seed bead at the top of the ring to the lowest part of the feathers is approx 18inches (46cm)
The dreamcatcher may be hung using the metal hook provided or from the 8 - 10cm thread hoop
 The feathers are real, undyed natural feathers. 
Colours available are purple, or red, or orange, or black

Price 10.95 each


*       *       *        *        *        *        *       * 


purple capis shell dreamcatcher 02155.jpg (88496 bytes)   purple dreamcatcher shells.jpg (70533 bytes)  WCH10.jpg (60268 bytes) Multi Dream catcher with capis shell

Lovely multiple (5 rings) dream catcher with opaque capis shell discs that will tinkle in a breeze


Larger (11.5cm version) avaible in purple, as pictured above  Largest ring approx 11.5cm in diameter, second ring approx 6cm, three smaller rings each approx 4.5cm  Price 8.95 each
 Smaller (9cm) pink and torquoise also available.Largest ring approx 9cm in diameter, second ring approx4.5cm, three smaller rings each approx 3.5cm
Price 8.95 each


*       *       *        *        *        *        *       * 


dreamcatcher blu purp multi 22cm rszd.jpg (104300 bytes) dreamcatcher purple white torquoise 22cm rszd.jpg (105556 bytes) white torquoise purple 22cm.jpg (29068 bytes)  White, torquoise, purple 22cm multi dreamcatcher

Nice large dreamcacher with multiple (5) rings

Beautiful, White, purple and torquoise rings and feathers
Top ring measures 22cm diameter, supporting one 9cm dreamcatcher, and three smaller (6cm) dreamcatchers
Price only 9.95 each


*       *       *        *        *        *        *       * 


DC81.jpg (12012 bytes) DC82 9cm.jpg (17836 bytes) rainbow multi dreamcatch 20cm.jpg (25940 bytes)  Rainbow dreamcatcher in choice of sizes

In Small single (6cm)  or Large multi (20cm largest ring)


Beautiful rainbow dreamcatchers
Small (6cm), single dream catcher.  Price 3.95 each
Large (20cm largest ring ,  three 5cm rings, one 6cm ring.  Price 10.95 each


*       *       *        *        *        *        *       * 


ok, so these are not dream catchers, but they will appeal to those who like Native American influences....



 medicine pouches mix.jpg (183648 bytes)  1922_Medicine_Pouch_reverse.jpg (42185 bytes)  1352_large_image_1921_Medicine_Pouch.jpg (29715 bytes)  Indian Medicine Bag, pouch on necklace cord

from BAFTS Fair Trade suppliers.  Suede pouch Shaman's purse with feather


For quantity discounts,  please use the "Add to Cart" button above to choose quantities - you may wish to message us separately to state which coulour(s) you'd like

If buying single pouches, please use the "Add to Cart" button below to choose your colour


The pouch contains many items symbolic for the Medicine Man's Magic
Many items are included but you could always add your own...

Pouch is typically approx 3" inches / 8cm deep, by 2.5" inches / 6.5cm across when flat and can be worn round the neck like a necklace using the wax cotton cord
Available in a choice of colours (from clockwise, top left in main (group) pic....
Black, Cerise Pink, Dark Chocolate Brown, Tan Brown, Emerald Green, Buff, Blue.

Overseas  customers usually add their own native seeds.  We usually remove seeds on  overseas orders because of Import / Export rules.

An informative tag (supplied) states;

"The American Indian medicine bag was always carried by the medicine man. The Medicine Man was the next most important member of the tribe after the chief, he was responsible for the healing of the sick and injured, predicting the future and driving away evil spirits.

Each of the contents of the bag has a specific purpose and their meaning is symbolised by the charm. The cloth was used as a symbol of healing, the stones characterize strength-the type of stone selected was based on both the type of the illness and the position of the member within the tribe, the turquoise blue is the traditional stone of the indian. the stick was used to drive away the evil spirits, the seeds symbolize the seeds of life and were used for fertility, growth and longevity.  The feather is the symbol of free spirit.

With the right mix, the medicine man could not only achieve miraculous healing, but could also bring about an important balance and harmony in life.

Try selecting the right mix to bring a balance to your life.  Other charms may be added to achieve the ultimate harmony"

Price 3.75 for 1    
See (above) how the prices drop with quantity!



*   *   *   *   *


All orders will be packed with the utmost care to ensure their safe arrival to you !