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Handmade by top craftspeople.




rainbow wool stripe jumper.jpg (12990 bytes) Rainbow Stripe wool knit jumper  

Another beauty From BAFTS- registered Importers.
Bring a ray of rainbow sunshine into your life with these Fairly Traded, funky - cool (but warm) lovely woolly jumpers. Perfect for Autumn & Winter when the temperatures drop and even for Summer Nights at Camps & Festivals.  Though many proud owners may want to wear it through all 4 seasons... Truly desirable jumpers!

in M or L or XL - all sizes in stock


This wool knit jumper is of a good size to fit from quite large people, to being a big 'n' baggy jumper for smaller folk. 
Labelled as 'M' . Measures approx 44" inch chest when laid flat and 'un-stretched'
Price 48.00
Labelled as 'L' . Measures approx 46" inch chest when laid flat and 'un-stretched'
Price 48.90
'XL'  Length, shoulder to hem 30" inches or 76cm. Across (not around) chest - 26" inches or 66cm under the arms. (fits 46 - 52" chest size)   Weighs approx 1kg Price 49.95

 Jumper Price 48.00 - 49.95

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 100_2840.JPG (1260396 bytes)   Mexican Jerga / hooded Baja Jacket  

(many people call these Jumpers, personally I'm a bit more old-school and call them jackets, so they appear on both this Jumpers page and also the  Jackets & Coats  page


In stock in only black & white (as pictured above, left). in 'S/M', 'L', 'XL'     Price  from 21.00 to 22.95 each

 'S/M' (in stock) measures; -Neck to waist approx 65cm (25.5" inches) and under arm chest measurement 21" inches (53cm) across.Price  21.00
 'L'  (in stock)  measures;- Neck to waist approx 71cm (28" inches) and under arm chest measurement 23" inches (58cm) across.  Price 22.00
'XL' (in stock)  measures;- Neck to waist approx 73cm (29" inches) and under arm chest measurement 26" inches (66cm) across.  Price 22.50
 'XXL',  which measures approx;- Neck to waist approx 79cm (31" inches) and under arm chest measurement 28" inches / 72cm across.  Price 22.95

A BAFTS - recognised Fair Trade product, made by Artesanias Cuamatzi in Mexico. Sales of this jacket benefit the artesans & craftspeople involved in its creation and the wearer who gets to appreciate its high quality
Popular year - round, particularly for summer nights during the festival season and also Spring, Autumn and even Winter days.
They have a capacious 'marsupial pouch' type pocket.
This jacket is 50% cotton, 50% acrylic. Washing instructions state that it is washable in cold water and to hang dry.   Please specify size required   Price  21.00 - 22.95 each 

rasta baja.jpg (102472 bytes) 
Jerga also available in Rasta Colours (Red, Gold, Green & Black) in XXL size only

As above, but in Rasta colours, in size XXL only.    Price 22.95

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  100_2020 heavy smock jacket rszd.jpg (88521 bytes)  black fairtrade heavy cotton hoody.jpg (7961 bytes)    Heavy cotton hooded top.  Unisex jacket / smock
"The Fair Trade Hoody"



These heavy duty cotton hooded jackets have a capacious 'marsupial pouch' type pocket, hood and two side hand pockets.  There is a drawstring at the bottom.
Easy- wearing jacket.  Smart enough but not too formal- good for all occasions
Colours - blue / black / natural (cream).  Sizes - M,  L,  XL      25 each

Approx measurements;-
M measures  22" inches / 56cm across the chest, (under the arms)
27" inches / 69 cm long (shoulder to waist)
L measures 25" inches / 64cm across the chest, (under the arms)
29" inches  / 74cm long (shoulder to waist)
XL measures 26" inches / 66cm across the chest, (under the arms)
30" inches /76cm long (shoulder to waist)

(the XL is quite generous and can just accomodate those who wear  XXL)
All sizes / colours combinations available for immediate despatch, except Blue in M which will take approx 3 working days before despatch

  Price - excellent value at 25.00