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Choose from the best available fairly traded clothes!

Look good and feel good in these items, all from approved UK fair trade suppliers.

Fair Trade Shirts 

click the above link (which should be blue) to see...   Lightweight_cotton_shirt_unisex.jpg (22231 bytes)  Copy of 100_5605 cropdresized.jpg (552699 bytes)  004gdads - Copycropresiz.jpg (250323 bytes)  


 Dresses & Skirts 

Cotton patchwork skirt, S, M, L.jpg (36556 bytes)   z_0060.jpg (36129 bytes)  and more...

 Ladies' Tops 

high quality & ethical too... Crinkle cotton long sleeve embroidered top with lace detail.jpg (19485 bytes)              


rainbow wool stripe jumper.jpg (12990 bytes) and more for you


 Jackets & Coats 

zHJ1_HT1_SB8.jpg (19871 bytes)  100_2840.JPG (1260396 bytes)    HJ8.jpg (89021 bytes) ...and lots more...


 Fair Trade Trousers    

...for example ...   N215-P080 painted bits 6150.jpg (74677 bytes)  Plain cotton unisex trousers.jpg (16488 bytes) and more...


Socks & Gloves

...and Rock and Rollglove rainbow fingerless_2.jpg (43748 bytes)  NW10a rainbow wool gloves_1.jpg (55033 bytes)  



Fair Trade Kids' clothes

including ... zKTLS1.jpg (15450 bytes)  010 smaller.jpg (654778 bytes)