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Dragon sawdust statues

All these sawdust statues have been beautifully handmade using a mixture of waste sawdust and latex.  Each piece formed and painted by hand, so some variation may occur although the quality is consistently beautiful.  Their sale provides a vital source of income to the small family groups who make them in North Thailand.   Genuine BAFTS - recognised Fair Trade products


walking dragon.jpg (63316 bytes)  walking dragon 25cm.jpg (128571 bytes)  walking dragon front 25cm.jpg (66405 bytes)  walking dragon side 25cm.jpg (116383 bytes)  Walking, stalking dragon sculpture

25cm long 'fang to tail'.  UK coins 1 and 20p in pictures for scale.  Hand painted  Price  16.95

Also available to order in smaller size (18cm) @ 12.95.  Both sizes can also be ordered in plain, unpainted natural sawdust colour at the same price

*      *       *       *      *      *

dragon11cm.jpg (68302 bytes)  dragon statue 11cm.jpg (50770 bytes)  Standing, coiled dragon statue 11cm

11cm tall dragon  Only 1 (pictured) remaining in stock.  Price 12.95
this dragon could be the last of its kind as they will no longer be available once this one is sold

*      *       *       *      *      *

dragon10cm.jpg (56071 bytes)  Standing, coiled dragon statue 10cm

10cm tall dragon.  Only 1 remaining in stock.  Price 12.00
this dragon could also be the last of its kind as they will no longer be available once this one is sold

*        *        *        *        *       * 


100_1646 cropd resized.jpg (336406 bytes) 054crpdresiz.jpg (155280 bytes)  Smoking Dragon incense burner 222_155_3049.jpg (43246 bytes)  222_155_5308.jpg (53475 bytes) 100_1635 - Copyrszd100dpi.jpg (97548 bytes)  100_1648 - Copyrszd100dpi.jpg (86637 bytes)  Smoking Dragon Incense Burner.jpg (49693 bytes)

also in black ... 222_855_3052.jpg (33591 bytes)  222_855_5318.jpg (35060 bytes)  222_855_5319.jpg (46556 bytes)


Boxed. Approx 36cm high. Each one is uniquely handmade so some variation may ocur.
This amazing sculpture is made by hand from a mixture of latex and sawdust. Beautifully finished by skilled craftspeople who are properly rewarded by the Fair Trade company who supply this.
As the incense - cone or stick - burns inside the bamboo tube, the smoke escapes from the dragon's mouth in a very pleasing & realistic manner.
As a nice little touch we will throw in FREE OF CHARGE for UK & EU customers a pack of incense (decent quality* such as Nag Champa)
I have been working in the weird & wonderful ethnic crafts and incense field for over 20 years and this is the best incense burner I have seen. Genuinely recommended. 
Price 25.00

We used to stock these dragon burners with wings - now discontinued, but the photo below nicely shows the smoke drifting from the mouth ...

   056copycropd.jpg (237799 bytes) 


*Regarding any questions as to what type of free incense is included:... We like to maintain some element of surprise, but you can let us know if there are any fragrances you particularly wouldn't / would wish for!

see more incense items on our incense & burners page

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brass dragon kukri letter opener Fair Trade 162dpi.jpg (215044 bytes) Brass kukri (Gurkha knife) letter opener with dragon design  

Ornate yet useful as a pocket knife / letter opener
  As I hope may be visible from the picture of 3 of them near a 12 inch rule, dimensions as follows; Curved sheath, 3" inches, with dragon design incision work, snugly houses a 2 and 1/4" inch long curved brass blade. The curved handle is 1" long, nicely shaped brass. Overall length of sheathed item is thus 4 inches long.  Crafted entirely from brass. 
Prices are for ONE item, not three as in picture.
Price only 4.50 each

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *     

More Fair Trade / eco stationery available on our ethical stationery page!

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dragon windchime.jpg (11950 bytes)  dragon chimes fair trade.jpg (25531 bytes) dragon windchime (2).jpg (54165 bytes) Nodding dragon Large bamboo wind chime

Nice, - and Big!

The dragon looks about beautifully, like the bird, above
Measures approx 70cm / 28" inches from top of loop to bottom of biggest chime
Pendulum hangs down further to make a total length of 110-120cm / 4 foot (variable & easy to shorten)
longest chime measures approx 40cm / 16" inches
Price 16.95

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *


Dragon throw 92dpi.jpg (102716 bytes)  zsp32 215x255 9175.jpg (39046 bytes)  Dragon throw fair trade 75dpi - Copy.jpg (115655 bytes)  Cotton double bedspread rainbow Dragon

High quality, Fair Trade cotton Khadi double bedspread / throw over /drape/ wallhanging in multi colours with Dragon design
Warm, bright and lively colours and pattern

Measures 85" x 100" inches ( or 215cm x 255cm). Weighs approx 700g  25.25


*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *


dragon_plaq.jpg (222826 bytes)  Hand carved wood dragon plaque

Superb detail in this beautifully crafted piece
Approx 20cm in diameter
Price 19.00 - Currently out of stock until further notice



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025croprszd 02112 sh80.jpg (203855 bytes)   Cotton shirt, Paisley print with Dragon Design 


In M, L, and XL
100% cotton men's shirt.  Only 9.95 each

zsh80___t80_trews 1191.jpg (20295 bytes)  Matching trousers also available, see our Fair Trade Trousers page

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